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    Northern Hemisphere Flu Shot/Coronavirus (threads merged)

    Restaurant Crawl Planned in Chicago's Chinatown :)
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    Royalty Thread #11: Putting the "Fun" in Dysfunctional

    Speaking of the Queen's wardrobe, has anyone else read The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe by Angela Kelly? Really fascinating read written by the Queen's dresser, and with the Queen's blessing. I recommend it. ETA: It also has some lovely pictures of the Queen...
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    PICK THREE: Underappreciated Movies

    What a great article, and one point made me instantly cry (not surprising, actually.) Thank you for sharing this.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    I tried finding The Nanny on Prime but couldn't find it.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    I love that show and watch the reruns locally every night. The entire cast was so talented, the writing witty and the actors' timing was perfect. What great finds in the young cast as well, especially Madeline Zima and Benjamin Salisbury.
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    Really, part deux

    Merry Christmas to you and Lee and your lovely family!
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    Your First Celebrity Crush

    Donny Osmond. My little 5-year old heart was his. :lol:
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    When You Were A Child

    I wanted to be an actress. Then I discovered I had stage fright. :lol:
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    Interesting, as I thought Phillip was portrayed as more likable in this season.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    Just finished season 3 of The Crown. (y)
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    Really, part deux

    You're both in my prayers. Thank you so much for letting us know how things are going. Give Lee a hug from us all. And take one for yourself.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    Very appropriately, the first thing I watched on Disney+ was Steamboat Willie.
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    Royalty Thread #10 -Archie Phase 2 - Bold and Bald Still

    So when I came home from work last night, I turned on the TV and before I could change the channel, one of those celeb shows was on. The hosts were covering the Harry and Meagan story and felt it was important to point out something that someone with too much time on their hands found. In...
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    New Agey alternative medicine -- does any of it work?

    This reminds me of someone (not sure I can say the name here?) who has/had informercials galore about several subjects, one of them being natural healing of very serious diseases. Turned out to be very unsubstantiated, and he is now serving a prison term for criminal contempt. During his early...
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