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    Fire in Notre Dame Cathedral

    I seriously feel like crying. I haven't been to Paris yet, but when I studied the French language in high school, I was always fascinated with the flying buttresses on the outside of the cathedral. I always wanted to visit it.
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    Fire in Notre Dame Cathedral

    This is so terrible. :(
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    Royalty Thread #8.....A Pregnant Pause

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@SussexRoyal) now have their own Instagram!
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    630 dogs rescued from extreme puppy mill.

    This is so disheartening and sickening. Those poor pups.
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    The 2019 Westminster Dog Show Thread

    I'm completely disappointed. That felt very much out of left field. The entire show was rushed, too many interruptions during the judging for silly comments. What a letdown.
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    Deep freeze 2019

    Images from Chicago blizzard on this day in 2011. How well I remember this. The cars on Lake Shore Drive numbered in the hundreds, it took several days to move them all to temporary parking lots, and then days for the owners to search out the parking lot where their car ended up. The winds...
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    Deep freeze 2019

    Chicago here, my office closed today and tomorrow, which is the first time in its history. Two of our train lines are not running until Friday, and there are many, many businesses closed. I find it funny that there are news reports all over (even across the pond in England where my cousins...
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    Let's Talk Movies #35 – Sparrows and Panthers and Dinosaurs…Oh My!

    The first part of the mini series was just like the book "Scarlett", but the second part ran off the rails, was almost nothing like the book, and was absolutely ridiculous IMO.
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    2018 NFL Season Thread

    I'm just shocked that my Bears are still playing. That they made it to the post-season. Shocked.
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    A very Merry Christmas to all!
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    Really, part deux

    What a wonderful report, Gerry! Merry, Merry Christmas to you and Lee and your entire family. May 2019 bring Lee home where she belongs. :)
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    Really, part deux

    Sending many hugs and prayers!
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    Really, part deux

    Just catching up with the latest. I'm praying!! Please hang in there!
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    Prayers needed

    OMG, praying!!!