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    New Agey alternative medicine -- does any of it work?

    This reminds me of someone (not sure I can say the name here?) who has/had informercials galore about several subjects, one of them being natural healing of very serious diseases. Turned out to be very unsubstantiated, and he is now serving a prison term for criminal contempt. During his early...
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    First Time Movie and Book Made You Weep

    OMG Yes I remember that movie! Made me cry big time!
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    First Time Movie and Book Made You Weep

    When I was little, I cried at the end of The Wizard of Oz. From back then to now, hearing a woman cry makes me cry, so when Dorothy cried at the end of the movie, so did I. Then it drifted on to Brian's Song. And it never stopped with movies. I will sometimes watch the end of a movie just to...
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    Really, part deux

    Happy Anniversary, you two crazy kids, you!! :)
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    Really, part deux

    Happy birthday, Lee!!
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    Romance: An appreciation on film and television

    Adding to the classic films: The Ghost & Mrs. Muir When Daniel gives Lucia her freedom in the middle to the movie, it's heartbreaking, romantic, and so very emotional.
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    Candy You Detest

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    Candy You Detest

    Raisins in chocolate, or raisins in anything. Overly sweet candy. I used to love super sweet stuff, but can't handle it anymore. I think the more I grew to love dark chocolate, the more milk chocolate lost its flavor for me. White chocolate is an oxymoron. Can't stand it.
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    Royalty Thread #9. Welcome Archie, the red headed heir, don’t care!

    Kensington Royal's Instagram is showing more photos which show the front of the dress in their Stories right now.
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    Cable vs. streaming options

    I cut the cable a few years ago. I had been with AT&T cable. My cell service is through Verizon, so it wasn't part of my cable account. However, the price of cable had gotten so high that I sought alternatives. Did a lot of research and tried out SlingTV for a month to see how it worked. I...
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    Really, part deux

    This is such wonderful news! God bless you both!
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    Let's Talk Movies #35 – Sparrows and Panthers and Dinosaurs…Oh My!

    I grew up on the Reader's Digest version from the age of about 9 up. I read the full version in my middle teens. Trust me, read the full version. It'll tie some things together better, although the movie is stellar on its own.
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    American Ninja Warrior

    My cousin's son Kyle Schultze, the Deaf Ninja, is competing for his 3rd season. I think he competes in Cincinnati.