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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    For those wondering about the Seating Chart and how far up the P2 seats go, I talked to someone at the Bridgestone arena and he said those P1 seats are AA and BB, then the P2 seats go up to about Row LL or MM, then the P3 seats go up from there to the top of the lower bowl.
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    Zimmerman suspended for 2 years by U.S. Center for SafeSport

    Someone wrote: "Maybe i'm missing something - but i'd really like to know why a coach who participated in this behaviour...." My undersanding is that Zimmerman didn't participate in the photo behavior, he participated only in trying to cover it up and persuade the girl "not to tell", which of...
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    2021 Worlds Pre-Official Entry Lists

    I may have missed it somewhere along the way, but can someone report what has happened this year with the French ice dancers Papadakis/Cizerone? Did they take the ********* year off, have no chances to compete, what? I don't even remember being that familiar with the 2 teams listed...
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    "Channel One Cup" Russian Team event (February 5-7)

    Hey, as a consistent lurker but rare poster, can someone tell me about today's LPs, is there a Youtube someone can share for today's event, I guess with Ted commentating?? Thanks.
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    2021 U.S. Nationals event info links (entries/results, TV & streaming schedules, "Virtual Fan Experience")

    Does anyone know where the Men LP will be shown if we are getting Football rather than NBC broadcasting rather then Men LP??
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    Elizabet Tursynbaeva cheer/support thread

    I have seen no updates on Elizabet Tursynbayeva since this thread ending over a year ago. Does anyone have any updated information her? I am kind of assuming her injuries haven't healed and maybe she is moving on away from competition. Anyone know??
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    US Figure Skating Regionals/Sectionals/Nationals ?

    OK, it's December 4 and there was supposed to be a Regional/Sectional event at the new Ion Int'l complex in Leesburg, VA, this weekend, which is near where I live. I hoped to attend if they allowed any spectators, but obviously nothing is happening there. Does anyone have any info on what...
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    2020 CoC Men SP & FS

    Usually a lurker here but as improved as Boyang is, I felt his PCS scores were a bit inflated....maybe reputation points? Even though Han Yan didn't have quads, his jumps were better with more flow than Boyang's, especially that lovely 3axel which Boyang's couldn't compare. I just thought both...
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    Subscription Levels

    Sharpie, yes, can you transfer the 2nd one over to my original account? The one using Kathryn2001 as the user name? I don't seem to find a Password for kyeates. So I would use Kathryn2001 and my original Password for my only account, right? Please email me at [email protected] if you need...
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    Subscription Levels

    Sharpie, I went into my account and there is a very OLD email address there ([email protected]). I tried to change it to my CURRENT email ([email protected]) but when I do that, it says that email already exists. I am flumoxed and want to get into those Forums I paid for. Can you help me...
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    Subscription Levels

    Hello Board Business. I recently paid $72 for 2 yrs of Premium Access but today I suddenly can't get into Kiss&Cry, GP Series, or any of those forums. Can you please check. My user name is Kathryn2001.
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    Medvedeva leaves Orser for Tutberidze

    Someone stating Med may be competing this weekend. What event is going on this weekend?
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    Tour de France time

    Happy to see the Tour get going again. Not a whole lot of USA guys but I hear the USA guy Kuss Sepp is very talented with a good future. I'm rooting for him on team Jumbo-Visma as he supports Roglic and even Bennett.
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    2019 U.S. Club Competitions with new National Qualifying Series (NQS) & revamped competitive qualifying pipeline info

    Does anyone know of a schedule of skaters slated for the Regionals in Aston??
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    Aurora Games, Albany, NY, August 24

    I watched it all on TV but had a lot of questions, so Sending a thanks to all of you who contributed info and videos from this event. I watched Tennis, Gymnastics and Skating and of these 3, Gymnastics had the biggest crowds. If it's held again, I hope they can get more tickets sold and...
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