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    The Gymnastics Factory: The Rise and Fall of the Karolyi Ranch

    I remember this article also. Moceanu ate a substantial lunch of chicken and vegetables. Dinner was a bowl of cereal. I don't think her diet was too short on calories, but I also remember an article where Ashley Wagner discusses what she ate in a day, and it was a lot more than Moceanu...
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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    What did he say?
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    Why Does This Keep Happening: The Police Thread

    Even the film of the sobriety test is unfckingbelievable. The police was all, "Watch my finger" for like 5 full minutes. I would not have been able to do it sober. I think the police was angry that Brooks was so compliant. My condolences to the world on this hideous murder.
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    Alexei Yagudin wishes death on Adam Rippon for donating to a Black trans charity

    I read Rowling's article and my main take-away is that she is afraid that a straight man pretending to be trans woman will come into a public restroom and rape her.
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    Alexei Yagudin wishes death on Adam Rippon for donating to a Black trans charity

    Wow, that is really sad news. ETA: Adam's response is phenomenal.
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    News & Experiences continued

    My mother did that, too. And so did I, to my kids. With the mind-set that school is uber important, sometimes lost perspective.
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    The Alcohol Thread

    I am not a drinker but I enjoy the show Bar Rescue. They made a drink called the Bees Knees which sounds delicious. Basically honey lemonade with vodka.
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    They do it in diving. I think it is called a back inward.
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    He was wearing hockey skates! I think I recall seeing features on skaters wearing masks to train to prepare to compete in high-altitude situations. Maybe even the Shibs.
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    News & Experiences continued

    If masks are useful, then we should have been wearing them since the beginning. It is just another example of the f'd up leadership at the top and all the mixed signals we are receiving. If masks are useful, then how many people's lives might have been saved if we were wearing masks in...
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    News & Experiences continued

    I wish we knew really knew how effective masks are if worn properly. I am mad that the govt early on said, "Don't wear a mask; it won't help." And now they are saying to wear them.
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    1996 Olympics Balance Beam Compulsory: Podkopayeva vs Miller

    @bardtoob, thank you for these. Podkopayeva has my favorite gymnast body of all time. Her extension, toe-point and amplitude are much better than Miller's, and even though Pod had some bobbles, I would still give the win to her.
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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    There would really not be much point to Warren's endorsing Biden, as he is the only candidate remaining. Sanders does want his voters to continue to vote for him so that he can have enough delegates to influence the Dem platform. He still has my vote.
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    ISU to propose expansion of Worlds fields; 2020 Worlds unlikely to be rescheduled

    Maybe it would be nice to have a separate competition for the lower-TES athletes from countries that normally do not get to participate. In general, I am in favor of TES, but some skaters can do beautiful (or voidy) programs with just double jumps. ETA: Wait, these exist right? Senior B?
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