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    Gracie Gold Cheer thread

    Cheering for Gracie! Hopefully she can and will overcome personal problems that kept her (as similar ones did for Gabby Daleman) off the ice. As fans, we follow with cautious optimism when Skater X has a physical injury, often overlooking the emotional battles they face.
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    Sasha Cohen engaged, expecting a baby

    Caught this on Instagram:
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    YouTube musical discoveries

    Cristina Ramos : Singer, whose schtick is to start off doing opera, where her ability to hit every high note perfectly makes you think that is her forte, only to unexpectedly switch to hard rock-and-roll in both delivery and dress! Imagine being one of the judges during one of these...
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    Pun time ;-)

    Sad News from Minnesota The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and trauma complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 75. Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry...
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    Why Does This Keep Happening: The Police Thread

    Another case where - luckily the child survived - but given the child's injuries both physical and mental, it is so wrong on every level ! And the courts granted the officer immunity.
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    Trusova breaks 100 in TES.

    B*I*N*G*O ! It's reminiscent of all the BS yesteryear about Rachael Flatt's figure. Let's talk about the amazing talent of this young lady, her spunk, her charm, her cute dog Tina, and of course her trademark lengthy hair. As for the rest, I think I can best put it this way...
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    British drummer Ginger Baker, R.I.P.

    And, here is where you're grandfather is way cooler than you'll ever be: A drum solo lasting several minutes, when he was in his mid sixties!
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    Why Does This Keep Happening: The Police Thread

    This is so wrong on all levels:
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    Kristi Yamaguchi to be honored with Heisman Humanitarian Award on Dec. 15, 2019 in New York City

    I've always liked Kristi as a skater, as a person, and as a cutie, even at 48! Great that she is getting her due!
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    Trusova breaks 100 in TES.

    I'll say! If this is 'starved', then Venus Williams is anorexic! (sarcasm emoticon).
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    Separated at birth?

    Movie director Peter Bogdanovich and Rick Moranis!
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    It is true that it was Prime Minister Mulroney who put the GST in the word ANGST. But not out of nowhere. The GST replaced the MST (Manufacturer's Sales Tax), as well as the Federal Telecommunications Tax, and was 7% when it was first enacted in 1991. Under the Harper Government, it was reduced...
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    #Canada150 (Canadian politics and related issues)

    How are TV shows supposed to 'Represent' communities? I thought we elect councilors, MLAs and MPs for that? And who authorized the CBC to 'represent' them to the tune of Hundreds of Millions of Taxdollars? (And if the answer was that the Elected Federal Government did, well if a Conservative...
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    Snow White And The Three Stooges starring Carol Heiss!