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    US cell phone plan Advice

    Can you easily switch between T-Mobile's unlimited plans? So could we do a more robust plan for when we need the hotspot at home and then switch it a few months later once we don't have that need anymore?
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    US cell phone plan Advice

    De-lurking for some advice... We've been living overseas in the developing world for a number of years but will soon be returning to the US for about 9 months. Three of those months we'll be house-sitting in a somewhat rural location where the only internet option is through mobile data. The...
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    Your Forehead Slapping Moment(s)

    I wear contacts and the prescriptions are slightly different for each eye. Once in the midst of my masters degree (so lots of reading and computer screens) I complained for days that my eyesight had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. It was driving me crazy! 4 or 5 days into this I changed out...
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    The 2nd annual "what music would you suggest to skaters that has not been overused or used (lately) in competition? thread

    My yearly de-lurk to once again post music suggestions that to my knowledge have not yet been used. Music from the Planet Earth series Saint-Saëns Egyptian piano concerto (#5) Fauré piano trio in D minor I think parts of Ravel's Rapsodie Espagnole could work. We don't get nearly enough Brahms...
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    Seattle: trip advice needed

    Mt. Rainier is definitely worth it! If you are planning to hike be aware that in late June many of the higher elevation hikes will still have lots of snow (although many are still hikable). You can check here for trail...
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