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    U.S. Pairs 2019-20 season - News & Updates, Part X

    T/M have Marina and Max Trankov with them at Euros, who I'd guess are their primary coaching options at this point.
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    Cipres/FFSG Press Release on the situation 12-16-2019

    This is the most Didier response conceivable.
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    U.S. Ice Dance 2019-20 season news & updates

    To be honest, every one of these anachronistic program explanations has been a personal struggle for me.
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    ISU Skating Awards To Debut At 2020 Worlds

    As a refresher for anyone who missed it at the time or forgot, here's what was posted on the Team Challenge Cup voting site a couple of weeks into voting: Voting will be temporarily suspended while the poll administrator addresses issues of automated voting that have been detected. The poll...
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    @reut also spoke with MTM at Nebelhorn with some great insights on their mindset at this juncture: Moore-Towers and Marinaro Leading with Experience
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    Once the rules for juniors were relaxed such that the Foxtrot can be skated to anything "ballroom," seniors probably figured despite such an exception not being made for them, it was clear the ISU would take literally anything whose cousin's next-door neighbor's sister was kind of maybe a musical.
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    A past BC team, Alexa Linden and Addison Voldeng, used it for their blues SD back in 2016-17 -- I'm a little surprised this many years have passed before a slew of teams (re)discovered it only because they needed a musical to draw from.
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2019/2020 season: News and Updates

    Here's his take for good measure since I hadn't seen it yet when I posted in the other thread:
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    Royal figure skating weddings :)

    Alexandra Paul and Mitch Islam are engaged:
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    Ashley Wagner reveals she was assaulted by John Coughlin

    As an interesting tidbit, I don't know if it's been mentioned in here that Giulietti-Schmitt is married to USFSA's former director of communications.
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    Royal figure skating weddings :)

    Retired pair Brittany Jones and Joshua Reagan (last competed in 2016-17 for Canada) were married this weekend. Mostly conveyed through Instagram Stories so few direct links, but a couple of photos/clips so far from the wedding and of skating world attendees...
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2019/2020 season: News and Updates

    Can confirm Stairs/Graham are retired, can't speak to others MIA although I have similar suspicions re: F/M-P but only on the basis of social media clues. And in case anyone missed it, some music/choreo info on Canadian juniors and seniors is available at TFTI.
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker both posted the Saturday Night Fever movie poster to Instagram, for what that's worth. Also in the probable clue realm, two weeks ago Olivia Smart posted two Stories -- one with photos of a tightrope walker and acrobat with the caption "FD inspo with...
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    CBC Revives Battle of the Blades Skating Show!

    Emily Samuelson is in finance, Paige Lawrence is living in Texas and about to begin work as an executive performance coach, and Alexandra Paul will be in her final year of law school. But Jessica Dube has been skating consistently on the cruise circuit and with Vanessa Crone's hockey skating...
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    ISU statement on Mariah Bell and Eun soo Lim

    By the way, I checked out that CBC Olympics Instagram Story another poster mentioned and here's the voiceover report it presents on this incident, with footage of the contact playing and a banner reading "Tonya Harding 2.0?" over the top: "There are Tonya Harding-like accusations coming out of...
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