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    November 20th ... 25 years later

    That third picture is one of my all time favourites of the three of them. I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since he passed away - it’s still as unbelievable now as it was then.
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    My abiding memory of that performance is sitting on the floor of my living room about a foot away from the tv, trying to explain to my then seven year old why I was doing that and only able to come out with “they’re just so beautiful!”
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    Chris Reed has passed away

    What awful, awful news. Condolences to his family.
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    Performances That SHOCKED You

    I forgot that one! Up until then, I’d been really tired - it was stupid o’clock at night for me - but that proper woke me up!
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    Performances That SHOCKED You

    I always think of shocked in a bad way so the one that comes to mind for me is Kurt’s SP at Lillehamar. When he went around and did that axel, I remember thinking “that looked like a single” and next thing, the Eurosport guys are going “was that a single?” and my stomach just dropped. Also...
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    Canadian Pairs 2018/2019 Season News and Updates

    Ashley herself has said that she is 5’ 6” - I tweeted sometime last season, possibly during 4CC (into the air, a random wondering) what height she was. I didn’t tag her into it so was quite surprised when she tweeted back that as a response!
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    The Dance Hall 6: We're All Off Our Rockers 2018-2019

    The female commentator is Louise Walden (I may not have spelled that right!)
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    John Coughlin has died

    Haven Denney on instagram -
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    WEAVER AND POJE: The Future is Golden

    I just made a noise that was so high pitched only dogs could hear it. So hoping that this turns out to be correct!
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    The Dance Hall 5: Ice Dance Fans 2017-2018

    It was indeed!! I posted it here because I knew when I saw your tweet, I'd seen it discussed here only yesterday and wasn't sure if people would have seen it!
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    The Dance Hall 5: Ice Dance Fans 2017-2018

    Seen on twitter ."Ice dancers Laurence Fournier Beaudry & Nikolaj Sørensen, who have represented DEN since 2013, will represent Canada in the future. Danish Skating Union's board decided on Tuesday evening at an extraordinary...
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    Programs that make you feel uncomfortable

    They also skated their free program in 1998-1999 to "Romeo and Juliet" ... I never could quite come to terms with that, no matter how well they may have skated...
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    Whatever happened to....

    This is an article from August 2017 about Jennifer...
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    Pokemon Go part 2

    Caught a Ditto from a Zubat tonight, for those of you still looking for one!
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    I don't comment here much but I just wanted to say that I'll keep Lee in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love to her family and everyone else who knows and cares about her.
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