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    U.S. Ladies [#29]: Skating with Adjusted Vision

    Tennell and Chen were named to Worlds. Alternates-- Glenn, Bell, Shin
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    RPDR Season 13

    Does anybody know who the queen is that was disqualified from this season? Another NYC queen, if rumors are correct. She is not seen in any promos or episodes.
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    2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championships moved to Las Vegas; no audience

    Every single athlete who I have talked with is on board with the plan. They just want to compete. And it's not like these are policies that are put into place for policy's sake-- there is a lot of data that is being used to make this work. I applaud everyone working hard to help this competition...
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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    My husband is in the bubble in Vegas. There are a lot of precautions being taken, and I am hopeful that he will come home to me healthy but fat from the cookies I sent with him.
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    Western US is on fire - the 2020 Version

    We are packed in case we have to go. It's been an emotional, smokey week.
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    Huge Explosion in Beirut

    What is a beer burden?
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    Ukrainian skaters' migration to other countries

    And she's been here for more than 25 years.
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    And here's me thinking-- 'Starr is only 19? I could have sworn she was 30.'
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    U.S. Pairs 2019-20 season - News & Updates, Part X

    :| Eric Carmen is rolling his eyes somewhere. It's like saying Michael Buble is responsible for 'Feeling Good'.
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    How did you come to that conclusion?
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    RPDR All Stars Season %

    I am not knocking anybody here, but I don't know why Juju won when all she did was wear costumes. And why is wearing a costume bad sometimes and not others?
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    Will we get 2020-21 GP assignments, and when?

    @Tony Wheeler My plan is flawless. :glamor:
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    Will we get 2020-21 GP assignments, and when?

    I personally think that there should be one location selected-- all of the athletes, officials, etc., are confined to one location. Week 1 Mon-Tues: Skate 'America' Wed-Thurs: Skate 'Canada' Fri-Sat: 'Rostelecom' Sunday-- OFF Week 2: Mon-Tues: 'France' Wed-Thurs: Cup of 'China' Fri-Sat...
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    U.S. Men 2019-20 season - news & updates

    My piece on Vincent Zhou.
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    Really, part deux

    I am so sorry @Gerry. Lee was one of a kind, and was such a beautiful person inside and out. At events she always made time to visit with me, and we talked about you and the kids every time. I will miss my friend.
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