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    Survivor S39: Island of the Idols

    Jeff specifically said “first member of the jury” when he finished reading the vote. I don’t think Jack was expecting it (cause you’re right, pre-merge doesn’t typically make jury), so his excitement for that makes sense.
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    Las Vegas, Nevada to host 2019 Skate America!

    Kiss & Cry & Smoke
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    Survivor S39: Island of the Idols

    What have you heard about season 40? :shuffle:
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    RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 1

    It looks like it will air on Logo in the US way after everyone else. The first episode airs this Friday.
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    Big Brother 21

    Oh well, it was fun to dream.
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    Big Brother 21

    Regardless of who goes home, Christie on the block and paranoid makes me so happy.
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    Big Brother 21

    Kat is the gift of this season.
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    RuPauls Drag Race Season 11

    I guess that forced hug with Plastique did its job. “I’m your mommy now.” :lol:
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    What are your favorite 80's movies?

    Teen Witch. I think it’s right at the end of the 80s but I remember that movie being on HBO all the time.
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    Amazing Race Season 31

    :lol: I got a tiny bit of Flo vibes when Colin was singlehandedly rowing their boat, but as least Christie wasn’t complaining about having to hold up her oars.
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    Amazing Race Season 31

    That was a satisfying finale. The Afghanimals were as clueless as Nicole was annoying, but I'm glad it was all previous TAR teams at the end. I was skeptical of the new Colin and kept waiting for ox-is-broken-Colin to reappear, but he never really did. And I give Christie a lot of props for...
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    2019-20 GP Selection (19-20 June)

    We will have withdrawals and replacements and then people will say “is this the worst year for withdrawals ever?!?!?” and then @kwanfan1818 will bust out her data proving this is the same thing that happens every single year.
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    Amazing Race Season 31

    I’m so glad Team Fun is gone. IIRC they were like this last time, too: annoying Canadian-esque perk that turned to demon rage when things weren’t going their way.
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    Great Skaters who never made it to the Olympics

    Savoie went in 2006 and finished 7th.
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    Helicopter Rescue goes viral.

    I get motion sick so easily I was nauseous just watching the clip. I would have just asked them to set me back in the ravine and leave me to my fate.