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    RPDR All Stars Season %

    I was mixed on the suite challenge but the biggest peeve I had was that they arbitrarily made it groups of 3, 3, 2. Could they really have not ponied up the budget for a 4th room and just made 4 equal teams of 2? And this is probably my Jujubee bias showing, but she made a lame challenge...
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    Synchronised Skating at the Olympics

    I kind of want them to add synchro so people will watch and ask where is Nathan Chen.
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    RPDR All Stars Season %

    They moved it from Showtime back to VH1 before the season started. I hope you aren’t missing out @Tony Wheeler
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    RPDR All Stars Season %

    I thought I would be a little burned out coming right on the heels of season 12, but last night's episode was really good. This is a good cast with a lot of early season queens. I'm rooting for Shea or Jujubee to win, but it's too bad Ongina struggled. I think I said this last season with...
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    ISU World Standings Have Been Updated

    This is what some people get for skipping 4CCs. :EVILLE:
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    Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frazier Announce Partnership

    Helen Keller saw this coming but good luck to them.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu/BritBox Binge Watching: ******** Edition

    The multiple timelines drove me crazy, especially since a bunch of characters don’t physically age.
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    RPDR 12

    That apology is a mess too. “I didn’t realize until I went on a reality show that I shouldn’t be a fcuking monster.”
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    Survivor: Winners at War

    I’m sorry Tyson is gone, he was such good tv. His line of “you guys have so much firewood” when he got to EoE :rofl: :rofl:
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    Who would you caucus for if you were in Iowa?

    And for her then-husband when he lost his race for Rhode Island governor. If Biden becomes the nominee and loses to Trump we may need the Black Mark of Kwan to step back from politics for a while. :EVILLE:
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    Royalty Thread#12 Tiaras, Palaces & Gilded Cages

    “Everything this gray weather touches is our kingdom.”
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    Survivor: Winners at War

    I don’t think so, they were all willing to play when they thought it was 1M. If anything, the extra million seemed to light a fire under some of them. I think the bragging rights of winning this is a big motivation as well.
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    Not only is Paul an FSU member, he must also have several pseuds. :watch:
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    Survivor S39: Island of the Idols

    :lol: I can't speak for Tony, but I wasn't spoiled by other sites. Tommy just had the weirdest edit, like the producers remembered he makes the finale and so had to insert some scenes to justify that. I don't remember really hearing about "Tommy and Mommy" alliance, then the last few episodes it...
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    Survivor S39: Island of the Idols

    Everything seems to be set up for Tommy to win, I’ll be surprised if anyone else does. Which is kind of funny since he’s now the only person to never go to island of the idols.
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