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    NYC Ballet Fans, part 2

    Not exactly NYC Ballet, but Vail Dance festival is live streaming -and keeping their videos up until Mid-August if anyone wants to watch. A lot of ABT/NYC ballet performers and some premieres which were very good.
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    "Trying to seem stronger than she was." Maria Sotskova - about pain, love and the path to happiness (post-retirement interview)

    Am really glad she stuck around, even when she wasn't in the medal hunt at ISU Championships. Eastern/Central Europe still has an unhealthy fixation on results, to the point where competing for its own sake is a foreign concept. Having athletes normalize that and talking about ending their...
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    Finnish skating news, 2018 onwards

    Viveca Lindfors is moving on from competitive skating, after 16 years. Think she was hoping her injuries/health issues would allow her to come back, but looks like that wasn't the case. Best of luck to her in whatever comes next.
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    The Gymnastics Factory: The Rise and Fall of the Karolyi Ranch

    Think the first US Olympic gold there is in reference to Mary Lou Retton's AA gold in 1984, not team gold in 96. While Bela Karolyi wasn't officially accredited as her coach in Los Angeles, he was her coach of record. Likewise, US Team winning silver at the 1991 Worlds, ahead of Romania was...
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    Rinks closing permanently or at risk of closure

    They have a full summer schedule available at the Soldiers Field location until Labor Day weekend and nothing posted about Norwood ice just yet. My guess is they won't open both over the summer and switch to new location will happen for fall ice.
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    Figure Skating’s LGBTQ+ Community Has a Story to Tell -- And Many Chapters to Still Write

    Fumie came out? I completely missed that when it happened :confused:
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    One of the rinks in NH where I used to skate offered people two options. Refunding their prorated pre-paid freestyle sessions (March-June) or using that amount as credit when the rink opens again in August. I told them to use it as credit so not sure how quick the refunds were, if someone went...
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    Really, part deux

    So sorry to hear about Lee. I met her at one of the Skate Canadas I went to. Remember giving her some grief for being very nice and living up to that Canadian stereotype. She was also planning a get together and debating which restaurant had the best drinks -during the first warmup group. My...
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    So, rink I went to this morning was doing a good job having everyone wear masks in the common lobby are. They already had a printout of skaters' names with Freestyle reservations. In and out to the rink area. Icetime itself was nice and quiet with only about 10 skaters+coaches. Session after...
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    Olympian Guillaume Cizeron comes out by introducing us to his adorable boyfreind

    To be completely fair, it's the non-immigrant white people who are least likely to get called slurs. I went to high school in the Midwest and got told to go back where I came from complete with Western movie audition posturing. I was also told not ask questions in English class because of my...
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    Am not sure what the overzealous peeps that were mentioned had done. If my New Hampshire rink opens on schedule after July 4th, I will definitely be driving from Mass across the border. WFH is not scheduled to end until Sept 14th for my entire company; I live on my own -and cats are apparently...
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    Interview with Aleksandra Trusova

    As far as I know, rinks are closed everywhere, except maybe Sweden (I know their schools are still open, but that could change soon). A few places where it's cold enough to skate on outdoor lakes mean skaters are occasionally using those. Jenni Saarinen posted a few triples on her Insta, for...
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    Is Your Rink Open (********)?

    University rink where I skate most of the time closed first. One of the bigger clubs here SCOB just said they would be closed until at least March 29th to comply with gatherings restricted to 25 people or less. One of the private rinks in the suburbs was still open for freestyle, but it's...
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    Believe both Sasha and myself are hoping better options than what's currently available online would be available in case someone can't make it on that day/event. I for one booked the Fri/Sat tixx, but balked at level 5 or above on Thursday :p.
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    In case anyone has a level 6 Worlds ticket for Thursday, March 19th available (yes, being a cheapskate), please DM me, or @ me in the reply. Thank you :)!
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