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    Downtown Jason Brown - Let the Good Times Roll (uber thread #2)

    Yeah, I think Schindler's List is a good match for him - I definitely like it better as an idea than S&G, and am interested in seeing what he does with it. (I'm less confident about David Wilson being able to create a program that isn't a rehash of 'Jason's Best Moves'). Rohene changes his...
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    Buzzfeed Quiz: Which House Are You? FS Edition

    Contemporary Beach House. And, yeah, I wish.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    Thanks for the Catwalk recommendation - that was a lot of fun. I've always been a shelter kitty person, but Bobby sure seemed like a fun kitty cat, and not what I think of when I imagine show cats.
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    Project Runway Spring 2019 Bravo

    It started at 7 (central).
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    2019 Junior Worlds Mens SP & FS

    More like he's a spin doctor, but not when it comes to actual spins.
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    Keegan at 4CC

    Having seen the photos of Keegan at the 4CC Gala, I would have to argue that he was actually disrobed.
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    2019 4CC Men SP - When You Wish Upon A Quad

    You know if you threw Mark Webster's SP music and costume and Alexander Samarin's LP costume and music into a food processor and clicked puree, you'd probably get.... a reward.
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    U.S. Men 2018-19 season (cont.) - news & updates

    LA Times article on Jason Brown:
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    2019 US Nats Ladies SP: To Lutz You More

    For Junior Worlds? Emmy Ma or Pooja Kaylan or Starr Andrews should still be age eligible... or do they need Junior international tech scores to go?
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2018-19 season news & updates

    Nor is it what she even said. She said, when asked by another commentator what V& M's return meant for the other teams, that it might mean less funding or assignments, which could have ramifications for Canada in the future. Nowhere did she encourage retirements.
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2018-19 season news & updates

    [and I found the interview on youtube that last time someone harped on this]. She agreed with Kurt Browning that Tessa and Scott would be very competitive and were still in shape to make a run at another Olympic Gold. {Which is not weird, and also, she was correct}
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    Who’s Coming to Detroit?

    I think I still have one of those scarfs too! (Presuming it didn't get lost when I moved 2 years ago). Wish I could go.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    Yeah... I watched the pilot in real time and it didn't catch my attention, but then after so many people were raving about it, and went back and watched the first season when it became available on Netflix. Binged the whole season in 2 nights.
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    Netflix/Prime/Hulu Discoveries

    I watch it! And I love it. I don't know if it is exactly my "all time" favorite shows, but definitely one of my favorite shows of the past five years. (Orphan Black being the other - how is that for contrast?)