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    A CHEER thread for Mexico's Donovan Carrillo

    I was really happy for him at ACI after his SP, too bad about his FS :( Any Mexican fans around here? I'd love to meet more local fs fans lol
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    Newbie and/or dumb questions

    Thanks @Tony Wheeler and @gkelly for explaining. This actually leads me to my other Burning Question: why is it that the ladies field has lagged behind the men's in terms of technical difficulty? As far as I understand the triple axel has kind of been a "requirement" for the top men in the...
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    Newbie and/or dumb questions

    Let's see if I get it. Since men tend to have higher TES because of quads and triples and everything else, the factor for men needs to be higher so the PCS can match the TES in a sort of 50-50 way. Is that right?
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    Newbie and/or dumb questions

    Figure skating is a sport that can be difficult to understand. Even if you know the basics such a moves in the field and how tell jumps apart it's still very complex and there are many things that you may not know if you haven't followed the sport for a while, or maybe you've been following for...
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    Favorite Skating Conspiracy Theories

    There were absolutely no NK cheerleaders at the ice dance event tho. I was there (and have my ticket to prove it) and was actually really curious to see if they'd show up lol. The video might be from the pairs event which I'm told by a friend who went to all 4 events was the only one they showed...
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