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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    :rofl: More power to you and to her. I mostly feel tired watching her. I find her inspiring, but imagine she would be exhausting in person.
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    News & Experiences continued

    ITA that being confrontational is little help. All 12 of us in my office area are now vaccinated. One woman was a skeptic at first, saying, "I don't know, I'll wait and see, etc." No one gave her a hard time though and I heard a few days ago from a friend of hers that she ultimately decided to...
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    Does she have a black eye?!
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    USFS 2021-22 Qualifying Season Announced

    Considering how large some regionals fields used to be, some of these competitions could be mobbed. Is there going to be any limit on entries?
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    News & Experiences continued

    Well, hopefully not my high school students, lol. :D And many of them have proactive parents that will probably get them vaccinated well before it's available in the schools. But some won't, and it would be great if the one dose J&J were available for them.
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    News & Experiences continued article is from State outlines medical conditions for priority access to ********* vaccine; clinics planned for high school students As of Monday, ages 45+ can sign up for vaccines, but it is expected that supply won't keep up with demand until early May...
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    Vaytsekhovskaya's interview with Trusova `It would be cool to land a 4loop'

    Nice interview! I'm impressed by how well she knows herself as a competitor. Also, I hadn't thought about how weird it would be for especially young skaters who have never lived on their own to have so much alone time in a hotel room. Plenty of time to get nervous or just miss the familiar...
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    Russian Ladies news & discussion

    I wasn't expecting Trusova to have so much tech content - I thought she was injured. Is she? Was she? I hope she's healthy and has the skate of her life (so far)!
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    News & Experiences continued

    Southwestern CT counties have had NY level numbers for awhile now. All the news reports seem to mention here is the positive test rate - they almost never mention the overall number of cases.
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    Decisions of the ISU Council: Stockholm Worlds (March 22-28) still on; Synchro Worlds cancelled; 2021 Grand Prix schedule/Beijing test event announced

    I'll breath a sigh of relief once all the skaters have tested negative and are cleared to compete! Are any federations making serious efforts to position their alternates in case they are needed?
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    When and how should we open schools?

    I agree with most of what Theatregirl says about hybrid, except that my district is not waiting for teachers to be vaccinated. K-6 has been open four days a week since October. Grades 7-12 move from two days a week hybrid to four days a week starting Monday. All remote continues to be an option...
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    When and how should we open schools?

    I got my first shot today (Moderna), with the second scheduled for 4/10. :) Our middle and high schools go from hybrid to 4 days a week starting 3/15. It looks like 20-25% will remain remote, so it will be far from normal with having to still live stream everything. I'm so over this year that I...
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    Insurrectionists and subversives: Trump and his supporters (Thread for all things Trump)

    I don't understand the legal basis for this cease and desist order. As a public figure, he can't really limit use of his image and public statements. I mean, Republicans have been fundraising off Nancy Pelosi for years and I can't imaging they could be compelled to stop by a cease and desist order!
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    The Medical Thread: Vaccine Search / Staying Healthy / Treatments Etc

    I wasn't aware there were priority (school?) districts in CT, though I haven't been paying close attention. According to the information that's been given us in bits and pieces over the last week, our town is in a region of about five towns for the purpose of administering teacher/school staff...
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    Skate Canada Names 2021 World Championships Team

    Sylvia posted the health regulations recently. A note at the bottom of p. 11 says alternates must arrive "on site latest Monday March 22." I feel terrible for any skaters who are disqualified because of a positive test. Countries hoping to qualify more than one spot might want to at least have...
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