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    Skate America 2018 goes back to Everett, Washington

    Got my tix - section 119. We really enjoyed Everett and the local people on the last visit and are happy to be returning to the area.
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    Skate America 2018 goes back to Everett, Washington

    Maybe 10:00 a.m. on West Coast time, so 1:00 p.m. EDT? I hope . .
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    Sen. John McCain diagnosed with Brain Cancer!

    The address to the Senate was written by Mark Salter, who is John McCain's co-author and speechwriter. Salter's writing is inspirational, but his and McCain's views are not identical.
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    Driver in Freddie Gray case found Not Guilty

    From The Atlantic: "The most serious charge against Goodson was second-degree depraved-heart murder. He also faced second-degree assault, manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and misconduct charges. Judge Barry Williams adjudicated the case himself after Goodson waived his right to a jury...
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    Thank you very much, Ania.

    Thank you very much, Ania.
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    I've been on FSU for years and never PMed anyone before. Hope I'm doing this right. I usually...

    I've been on FSU for years and never PMed anyone before. Hope I'm doing this right. I usually get a code, but I think our new span filter must have taken it. Could you share code information with me? If not, okay.
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    Learning a second language as an adult

    Went to Turkey, loved it, came home and signed up for Turkish at the community college. Four semesters and innumerable discussion groups later, it's the best idea I could have had in retirement. The learning curve took two years because Turkish has case endings, agglutinations, vowel harmony...
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    Europe's migrant crisis

    This column in a Turkish newspaper had an interesting perspective about the problem. "How the hell did they find their way from Istanbul’s Taksim Square to Cologne, Germany, this New Year’s Eve? I am talking about the deplorable situation of those primitive crowds, the mass molesters… We have...
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    Europe's migrant crisis

    Unlurking again. This week I asked two of my friends who have worked with refugee resettlement over the last twenty years what they think about the exit visa problems, the EU reaction, the train station backup, and so on. They both said that it's not simple at all to distinguish the...
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    Europe's migrant crisis

    A close friend, herself a Muslim immigrant to the US, has been working with Syrian refugee families here for some months. She feels that supporting these people presents a great challenge, even more than other families who have achieved asylum from other war torn parts of Africa and Asia. The...