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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    @overedge, my rink bought a tent/awning for people to wait under - that might be an idea for your rink as well. For the screening, is it common that volunteers don't show up? If it is, you may need a different system. My rink now uses an electronic system, where people scan a QR code when they...
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    I haven't heard of any ********* cases tied to the rink I go to in NJ. The ********* cases I've heard of that have been tied to figure skating have been overseas, and part of the group programs there - the "camps" and similar for elite skaters. The cases I've heard of in the US tied to ice rinks have...
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    Roller Skating for Ice Skaters

    When I was little I had a pair of those strap on metal roller skates, which I shared with my brother and sister. First of all, they're terrible. But what I did learn from using them was that the best places to roller skate are paved, "painted" tennis courts - the ones done in color (often green)...
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    Shortages Real and Feared

    Are you trying to find caffeine free versions of Dr. Pepper? Sales of caffeine free versions of sodas are small, compared to sales of other types of soda. It's likely that Dr. Pepper, with its strong sales of its main Dr. Pepper product (one of the few sodas that's growing), feels that they'll...
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    Medvedeva leaves Orser for Tutberidze

    I understand Jason was finally able to get across the border from the US to Canada because he was able to prove that he works in Canada. It may be that his being a US citizen helped with that "I work there" process, where Evgenia is Russian, and might face some additional hurdles on that. And...
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    Major life changes since c*vid?

    No one I know made any voluntary major life changes. I know people with money from NYC are doing so, but up here? Having to take a break from activities was good, in that it allows reassessment. My kid decided to stop skating - which is fine; it was a long time coming. She's 16, and she's...
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    When and how should we open schools?

    UNC Chapel Hill had set aside a specific dorm for quarantine. When that filled, they put students in local hotels. They were doing that right up to the day students moved out, so I don't think the issue was lack of capacity. In part, the issue for unis is loss of room and board and certain...
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    What is happening at work?

    Where employees live and work has repercussions on things like taxes the company must pay to the US and state governments, which programs the employer itself has to participate in re: state and federal governments, to which benefits must be offered to employees and how, to which taxes and etc...
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    Surprising skills you lost over quarantine

    I have found that I've forgotten how to do a loop jump. :shizuka1:
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    Surprising skills you lost over quarantine

    I think realistically, it'll also be 2022 for me. Or maybe a couple of comps in the summer of 2021, if the ******** settles down by then. I'll need to see.
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    USFS Qualifying Season Plans

    It's not unusual for skaters from NJ to drive down to VA for competitions, and my old dance coach used to go down there to partner girls through dance tests; so I think the VA competition could get skaters from at least as far north as NJ. Likewise, the Massachusetts comp could get skaters out...
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    2020 Grand Prix series thread

    That's a good question. I'm thinking early October sounds reasonable.
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    Surprising skills you lost over quarantine

    Yeah, gosh, my first run-through of my old program was ghastly. I can do it, just not to speed. It'll get there, if I continue to work on it. But I don't think I'm going to compete this season, so I may just skip it for now and work on ice dance and Moves instead, see if perhaps I can take the...
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    News & Experiences continued

    I'm starting to hear about CV-19 cases tied to ice rinks. Today, the Boston Globe reported: So it sounds like this kid from Massachusetts signed up to play hockey for a New York team, the implication being that teams in Massachusetts weren't playing due to the *****. He went down to...
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    Shortages Real and Feared

    Sales of cold cereals have been going down for several years, but they've started going up strongly during the *********, as people have been eating at home. This has lead to some cold cereals being out of stock, as the supply chain needed time to adapt to the new demand. But they aren't...
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