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    2020-21 Canadian Women News & Updates

    Daleman's concussions are likely a compounding factor. Speaking as someone who has had one—concussions themselves can cause mental health symptoms and/or amplify existing ones.
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    2020-21 Canadian Women News & Updates

    Daleman... sigh. I was convinced she'd bust out that quad one day and make the world podium again.
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    2020-21 Canadian Women News & Updates

    While I agree with everything else, "Top Ten" Jen first cracked the top 10 in 2000 (not 2002) when she place 8th (6th in the long program). Also, I think some of our current women are actually reasonably close to international tech standards, if we take the Russia out of the equation. And I bet...
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    Feral Cat Advice Needed

    I totally agree. Do check if there's a local feral rescue group in your area, as they usually have folks who will foster pregnant ferals and find homes for the kittens.
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    Canada officially announces bid for 2024 World Championships

    I wuz robbed of World's in my former hometown last year, so Montreal 2024 better happen. Also, Papadakis and Cizeron, please do not retire until I get to see you compete live in your training location.:)
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    Tenor Ben Heppner's "Ballads of the Blades" Skating Music CBC Radio Episode

    Opera great Ben Heppner has a radio show on the CBC called "Backstage" which is a classical music show with some storytelling. His most recent episode was dedicated to music that figure skaters have performed to. It's loads of fun. Have a listen (hopefully, it's not geoblocked).:) Backstage...
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    Other Ladies Nagano 98

    I always wondered why MK didn't go for three combos in that program. The 3lp falling leaf one didn't seem competitive enough to me when one considers TL's three different combos.
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    2020-21 Canadian Men News & Updates

    Cost and reliability are the likely explanation. Check out this Anchorage Daily News article on the Alaskan "digital divide."
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    Music I wish someone would skate to: 2020 Edition :)

    I've wanted a dance team to skate to Leonard Cohen's "Take This Waltz" for years. Maybe someone can whisper into P&C's ears? :cool:
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    Shooting in Nova Scotia

    Re the gap in time, reading between the lines of this article in the Globe today with an officer who was on the scene, I think the RCMP mistakenly believe the assailant had committed suicide and was "contained." It was only in the morning when they found the surviving girlfriend did they realize...
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    New medical grad Joannie Rochette to work at Quebec long-term care homes

    World and Olympic medallist Joannie Rochette has just received her medical degree from McGill University, and she's joining in on the fight against the ***** that shall not be named, according to this CBC article.
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    Feral Kitty Question

    Does your area have a cat rescue organization? I've rescued a few ferals with the special traps that my local cat rescue org lent to me. I also managed to catch one just by distracting her with food. Depending on their ages, ferals can be socialized but often will only bond with one or two...
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    PJ Kwong on CBC National's nursing home news piece

    CBC figure skating commentator PJ Kwong was on CBC's The National last night but, sadly, not for figure skating. She pulled her mother-in-law out of a nursing home to keep her safe.
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    Voidiest FDs (and/or Other Programs) of All Time

    I've never been able to find a video of this but the French team of Sauri & Stifunin's 2001 FD might qualify. In any case, the narrative that my significant other and I made up about the Free dance's backstory during 2001 world's was definitely voidy.;)
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    BUZZFEED QUIZ: If You Score 6/10 On This Trivia Quiz, You’re A Figure Skating Expert!

    10/10! Where's my fixed pro competition gold medal?:p
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