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    Congratulations President-Elect Biden & Vice-President Elect Harris

    The neighbor who has had a life sized Trump cutout on their front porch for 3 months removed it on Thursday, along with the flags and yard signs. I figured they had realized he was going to loose.
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    one can hope... but I'm not holding my breath I've said for years that I would go to DC for her funeral -- D#% ********
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    Strange but True Things You've Said or Heard on the Telephone

    While working customer service, circa 1985, "the government put a device on my TV so I can see who I am talking to on the phone" This person was notorious in the call center, said they were a spy. They did not have a complaint when they called, just wanted to talk / harass.
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    Really, part deux

    My condolences to @Gerry and all who knew and loved Lee.
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    Kurt Browning and Sonia Rodriguez

    I'll just leave this here: Solar Sex Panel -- Little Village
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    The Tiger King Thread: for all you cool cats and kittens (SPOILERS)

    I took my husband to Big Cat Rescue for his birthday in January -- didn't know about the connection at the time. The tour we took was very interesting and they told us the back story on a lot of the cats. Some were from circuses, some were former 'pets' that people found out they couldn't...
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    You'll have to explain to me how this works, but I'll take Croatia.
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    Glamour Puss thread: Sephora, I wish I could quit you...

    Mine are not that thick to begin with, but they really thinned out before I got diagnosed and started taking meds, especially on the ends. Once I got everything stable, they grew back. Hair on my head had not thinned too much and it came back too.
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    Glamour Puss thread: Sephora, I wish I could quit you...

    How is your thyroid? Hair loss, especially your eyebrows, is an early symptom of hypo thyroid.
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    Re-watching previous Worlds (since we can't watch this year)

    I hope NBC will start showing more skating reruns on their sports channels now that there won't be any live/current events to show. Would be a great way to possibly attract new fans. Get Tanith to introduce events and provide some background info.
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    Virtual Worlds

    I'd like to see a 'competition' using exhibition programs. Different categories for comedy and drama. Or categories for programs using warhorse music, Buble programs, etc.
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    Project Runway 18

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    Project Runway 18

    It better not be Sergio!
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    Project Runway 18

    anyone else watcing the finale?
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    Project Runway 18

    Final four:
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