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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    In April when I purchased my all event ticket I thought it strange that there was not a seat in between fans who were not family and a statement about showing a full vacation card or having a recent negative ********* test. I Know a booster was not even thought of at the time, but it was a USFS...
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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    Sylvia, do you have a link to purchase the golden tickets or is it just through email? My mom is the FOFS member but needs my help to purchase for us!
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    New Michigan Ice Dance Academy

    They announced on IG that have a partnership with U of M department of dance which sounds like a wonderful addition!
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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    Speaking of the practice schedule, does any one with all event tickets know how we are getting in for practices this year? Typically we get a practice ticket along with our event tickets but we didn’t receive that this year... just want to make sure we figure it out because practices is one of...
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    Alysa Liu Switches to Colorado Coaching Team

    Very disappointed to hear this news. Her team has worked hard with her and they seemed to understand. I would be upset at a change this close to Nationals & Olympics, but especially to Colorado Springs.
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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    That was how ours arrived as well. It looks like practice tickets were included for all event holders at Skate America so I assumed Nationals would be the same. Hope it gets figured out as practices are something we really enjoy!
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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    We received our all event tickets today. We did not get a practice ice ticket like we have in the previous years, did any other all event ticket holders get them? Will we still be able to get in for practices?
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    Jessica Calalang Cleared of Drug Violation

    The powers that be never got Richard Challahah banned from coaching, but poor Jessica Calalang missed 8 months of training during an Olympic year Because of a make up issue.
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    Tarah Kayne details abuse allegations against sanctioned coach Sappenfield

    Reading all of this being someone who works in the mental health field, this completely breaks me. I am SO proud of Tarah for sharing her truth as I am sure there are several other skaters who had similar experiences. I know many people knew/suspected misbehavior from Delilah for over a decade...
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    U.S. Women [#1]: The Contenders Unmask Themselves

    I thought the OP was referring to Sarah Hughes in 02. So many teenagers in blue dresses!
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    Olympic coach Evy Scotvold has passed away at 85

    Mark Militano was married to Mary’s twin sister at one time, Matt Militano is probably a nephew of Evy’s.
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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    Thanks for the suggestion, we booked there yesterday for the week.
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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    We got ours! Section 104 Row BB!!! Very excited for an in person event.
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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    Looking at the seating chart, does anyone know if the green section are the foldable chaits (not stadium seats) that they had in 2019?
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    2022 Nationals in Nashville

    Excited to receive this email. Anyone know how much all event ticket will be.
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