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    2020-21 Programs and Choreographers

    I'm discouraged by their selection. If both Christina/Anthony and Chock/Bates keep their respective rhythm dances they'll both be skating to Too Darn Hot. Then Christina/Anthony will skate to Doctor Zhivago, which was previously used by Chock/Bates. Christina/Anthony are practically asking for...
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    Things Iā€™m sick of tbh.....

    I hope you have a happy birthday and are given at least a few hours of peace and quiet to do with as you choose! šŸŽ‰
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    Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya passed away

    Sincere condolences to those who love Katia. I hope people struggling with depression can find understanding. It shouldn't be as difficult as it is to find help.
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    Things Iā€™m sick of tbh.....

    I haven't read every page of this thread, so please forgive me if this has already been mentioned. I'm longing for time that's unequivocally mine, preferably during a reasonable time of day and not the middle of the night.
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    What's flying like today? (Experiences/news)

    I flew Delta in the US and had the row to myself. Each passenger was given a small, clear plastic bag containing a snack and bottle of water. There were people in both airports without masks on. At security I had to take my mask off so the agent could see I hadn't hidden anything inside of it.
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