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    2022-23 US Pairs Discussion - Second to None!

    I’ve never been able to watch this program without being fixated on what’s going on under the kilt:
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    The Dance Hall 10: The Saitama Samba 2022-2023

    I have never teared up reading about a skating retirement until reading their goodbye message. Something about their last competition skate being the spiritual, gut-wrenching performance that it was is moving me so much.
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    2022-23 Program Music and Choreographers

    Weaver/Poje tribute?
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    U.S. Ice Dance 2021-22 season news & updates

    I’m usually bored by ice dance exhibition numbers, but this piece by Green/Parsons was thoroughly entertaining for me: “Gene Kelly meets Usher”
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    Unpopular Opinions

    The worst, though, is when they say they’re going to let the audience just enjoy the performance (as in, this is so special, talking over it is going to take away from the enjoyment), but end up talking anyway. Usually after only like 30 seconds of silence.
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    When Nicky and Simon misstep, they misstep.

    I thought Ben Agosto was extraordinary, during 2016 Worlds for example. He may be my favorite of all time. I wish he were still commentating.
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    The Dance Hall 9: Bring the Bling or No Beijing 2021-2022

    The Canada question was interesting to me so I went and compared 2020 4CC, where L/L set their PB FD score of 115.68, to these past worlds. H/D- FD PCS went up from 56.24 to 58.30 C/B- FD PCS went up from 56.25 to 57.43 Gilles/P- FD PCS went down from 55.84 to 54.55 L/L- FD PCS also went down...
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    The Dance Hall 9: Bring the Bling or No Beijing 2021-2022

    People were discussing them partly because their season’s best this season was significantly lower than their personal best. Why you think that is? I personally think keeping that program for a second season contributed to the issue.
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    The Dance Hall 9: Bring the Bling or No Beijing 2021-2022

    For me, it’s not really that the movie is a kid’s movie. It’s the particular song choice from the sound track “…..real in Rio…” Like imagine if Fear/Gibson chose “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” as part of their Lion King FD.
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    The Dance Hall 9: Bring the Bling or No Beijing 2021-2022

    In my opinion, L/L should not have kept that FD for the Olympic season. The song selection, to me, says “Treat us like we’re still junior skaters.”
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    ISU Statement on Russia's war against Ukraine - Participation in international competitions of Skaters and Officials from Russia and Belarus

    Do we know if H/K are going to continue, and if so, have they moved on from Zhulin?
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    U.S. Pairs 2021-22 season - News & Updates, Part X

    Jackie Wong pointed out that K/F both stepped out and gave Leduc a hug. So they were clearly aware of the situation and wanted to support their teammates, even as they had to prepare mentally for their own skate.
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    "On Edge" - Olympic Channel's docuseries featuring 6 teams from Ice Academy of Montreal

    I love the part where Madison charges backstage repeatedly yelling “Fiancé!” and then picks Adrian up when she gets to him.
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    Montpellier 2022

    I was just about to post something similar. Now that FIFA has gone, the pressure on all the other sports to follow is huge. If the ISU holds out, it will just seem craven and beholden to Russia.
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    The Dance Hall 9: Bring the Bling or No Beijing 2021-2022

    Earlier in this season I stated that I found Zachary L annoying because he was overdoing it in trying to be Scott M. There was forceful pushback then, but I’m glad that more people are stating that he is the one resulting in the comparisons with V/M at all. Clearly, he wasn’t happy at the end...
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