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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    I would guess that curling is really only culturally significant in the prairies and the east. Quebec, Ontario and BC are less involved. They hold the majority of the population
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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    You’d be surprised at how many people don’t read the fine print when they’re signing up for a “contest” or giveaway.
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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    I worked in professional sponsorship for years. companies sponsor when organizations have assets to offer. they are now mostly going beyond rinkboards - they want access. Ie cnd tire would be smart to access skate can’s mailing list to incent product trial. Skate can doesn’t offer this, so they...
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    Scott Moir named head coach of Ice Academy of Montreal's second campus in Southwestern Ontario

    Sorry, can someone direct me to where it states the location of the school?
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    Utana and shingo have ended their partnership

    Source: his Instagram. He says he plans to continue in ice dance.
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    Chag Chanukah sameach! Happy Hanukkah

    I was thinking more of the soufganiyot (donuts) and chocolate gelt (coins). Fried potatoes in oil are one of the 4 food groups, נכון?
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    Chag Chanukah sameach! Happy Hanukkah

    Happy Hanukkah. Though it is a minor festival, and only “important” in western culture due to its proximity with Christmas, it’s still a fun time with all of its junk food, singing and for some, gift giving. chanukah is the Festival of Lights - and who doesn’t need a bit of light now? חג שמח
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    Glamour Puss thread: Sephora, I wish I could quit you...

    Ladies, I need help with your holy grail skin products that help with glow. I’m in my late 30’s in toronto, and now that it’s winter, I’m looking so dull. I don’t have wrinkles, just need to glow. I also have enough makeup to last a lifetime. Thx!
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    U.S. Pairs 2020-21 season - News & Updates, Part XI

    2quick notes: Prerotation is absolutely a tech panel issue and should be addressed (or at least it is in CAN where I judge). Also, the usfsa can’t split partners like China because they don’t fund their development
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    Yes it is
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    Does anyone have a link to the article?
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    Figure Skating Baby News!

    Yup, still can’t figure it out. Someone pm me if you don’t want to put it out in public
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    Figure Skating Baby News!

    Delobel? She is the only one I possibly could think pf
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    2020 Skate Canada International has been cancelled

    Montreal is currently a red zone and patrols who is leaving. All in all, not a great way to start a competition
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