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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    Even worse, some of those thoughtless young people have elderly or health-compromised relatives who could catch the ***** from them.
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    Tennell announces coaching change to Zakrajsek

    It's Bradie's vulnerable back that worries me about Tom Z. He's had issues with other students and injuries. Mirai had to have surgery for a torn labrum after the Olympic season---all that 3a practice could have been detrimental to her hip. No wonder she went for the 3a just for the team...
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    Tennell announces coaching change to Zakrajsek

    Tom Z sure wasn't any help with Nagasu's URs.....
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    News & Experiences continued

    Masks are pretty much de riguer everywhere in NC and SC. You just don't see people walking around stores barefaced. Many wear plastic gloves as well.
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    Food in isolation

    The things I could easily order out for in NJ (Chinese, Thai, pizza) are of poor quality in NC. I really miss Chinese!!
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    Food in isolation

    Can't get steak and hamburger in the stores here so order it from Omaha. Expensive, but the quality is great. Because I am at top risk for *************19 I don't shop at all but have groceries delivered once a week from a local food market. However, no paper goods (TP, towels, etc) or...
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    What are you doing with your stimulus money?

    I had to use it towards my income tax. WHOA---I moved south to get lower real estate taxes and lower food and gas taxes but the government keeps its hand in my pocket anyhow.
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    News & Experiences continued

    There is one conspiracy theory going around that claims ************19 was the result of building 5G towers.....
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    2020-21 Canadian Women News & Updates

    It's worrisome. She's had two seasons of subpar skating, and now instead of working on physical fitness she's off on a tangent that can't be the best thing for her personal issues.
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    Don't you have to have a place to park the RV when you're not touring? You'd need utilities and sewage, too. You'd probably have to own a piece of land that's zoned to allow mobile homes.
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    Lubov knew how Charlie 'dispensed with' his previous partner, so she couldn't have been that schocked the same thing happened to her. But she gave up a great job with Cirque and moved to Montreal to accommodate him. If I were Charlie's fiancee, I would be wondering what's going to happen...
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2019/2020 season: News and Updates

    The fall obviously wasn't on an element, so it had to have been in between elements. I know I didn't see it.
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2019/2020 season: News and Updates

    D'Alessandro /Waddell were not only the lowest-placed of the Canadian teams, but the only one to lose to US #3 (Browns). I just don't get the hype they've gotten all season.
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    Montreal chosen as host for 2020 figure skating world championships

    Why? Montreal is in North America.
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