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    Montpellier 2022

    It has been a loooong time since I was there (almost 20 years), but I really liked Montpellier and thought the city centre was very pleasant and walkable. I am hoping that I'll also get to go next year, but the timing may not work out. I don't know anything about where the arena is, or the...
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    Skate America 2021 Returns to Las Vegas

    I would advise against arriving late if you're sensitive to smoke. I got to the Orleans around midnight for Skate America in 2019. They were out of non-smoking rooms then, so I had to stay the first night in a smoking room. I kept my suitcase closed as much as possible and moved to a non-smoking...
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    Eric Radford and Vanessa James to compete in pairs together for Canada

    Sometimes I take my kid with me for work travel, and it's a lot of things to figure out. Sometimes I leave the kid home, and that's a lot to figure out, too. My first trip back during the *********, I really struggled with whether or not to go, and I wasn't going halfway around the world like...
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    David Wilson Calls for New Leadership at Skate Canada

    It seems that most international level elite skaters have been able to train in Canada, even when rinks were closed to most other skaters. I think Alberta was an exception, and rinks were closed to all for a time, which is why the speed skaters were training outdoors for a time. But I don't...
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    USFS 2021-22 Qualifying Season Announced

    I just went to an event where each skater was allowed 2 spectators. They were escorted in for their skater's event and then had to leave when the event was over. It seemed to run as well as could be expected. the club definitely needed extra volunteers to organize the traffic flow. There's a...
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    Citizenship status of skaters aiming for the Olympics

    Speaking of Reed, what is her status with Lithuania? As I recall, it took quite a process for Tobias to get citizenship in 2013, and Copely was not successful in 2009.
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    The Dance Hall 8: Join the Maskerade 2020-2021

    I would guess that Eaton could potentially get citizenship, since Min's former partner Gamelin was able to for Pyeongchang, and IIRC, South Korea has granted citizenship to athletes in other Olympic sports as well. I do wonder if Chan is angling for AUS citizenship, since it seems that...
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    Summary - spots at olympics and ‘22 worlds

    Skate Canada's press release includes this line: "The showing was Messing’s best in three appearances at the world championships and guaranteed Canada two men’s spots for next year’s Olympic Winter Games."...
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    2021 Worlds RD - Dancing Quarantine

    I glanced over at the screen while making breakfast and wondered how Sinitsina was skating in such an early group.
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    2021 Worlds RD - Dancing Quarantine

    I genuinely thought my audio wasn't synced properly since this first team wasn't hitting any of the musical accents, but then they started their Finnstep right when the music changed.
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    Practice Reports/Stream?

    They are still using CDs at Worlds?!?!!
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    2021 Worlds official entries & alternates; projected SP/RD starting orders

    Because it made the entries an even number, so the first half and second half are equal (16 each). When there's an odd number, the second half is half plus one, so it was 17. (I think)
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    Abusive coach is in Hall of Fame

    I was appalled that he was being inducted at the time. I was young in the 90s, so my rule of thumb is if I heard about something from the 90s, then everyone else had heard it too. I can't remember now if he wasn't given a ceremony at Nationals, or if he was and I skipped it, but I know I never...
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    2021 Worlds Pre-Official Entry Lists

    They split, they had planned for 2020 Worlds to be their final competition. I think one (or both?) wanted to retire.
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    U.S. Ice Dance 2020-21 season news & updates

    Christina trained with Dubreuil & Lauzon briefly in the early days of their coaching, so she did have that connection with them at one point.
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