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    U.S. Women [#1]: The Contenders Unmask Themselves

    My sources tell me that US Figure Skating is using the Cranberry Cup as one of the deciding factors for the Oberstdorf assignment, and that in addition to the names that were posted on Twitter last week by SCOB, Amber Glenn will be there with Liu and Bell, and others like Paige Rydberg and...
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    Aljona Savchenko has been released to the USA to continue her pairs career

    Yes, I am. And I always will be. Although I'm not sure my Zesty Cheese personality is the correct fit for Ms. Megan. She seems like one of those Veggie Chips kinda gals. But never say never........
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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    Europeans and Junior SYS Worlds officially canceled
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    2020-21 Skate Canada Challenge & qualifying season announcement

    My sources have told me that there are plans for some form of a National Novice and Pre-Novice championship style event in March/April, depending on the state of affairs at that time and the ability to host something in person. As there is no link to any ISU championships in the Novice...
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    Judges Draw by number/country for ISU Championships 2020

    Per rule 521 of the Special Regulations and Technical Rules, you don't need to have a top skater, just a skater/pair/dance team that competed at the previous year's Championship and completed one segment. So every member federation with a couple or pair that completes the Short Program is...
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    Nationalistic bias in figure skating judging, 2018-present

    David Dore passed away from cancer in 2016.
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    2019/20 Junior Grand Prix pre-season news & discussion thread

    Agreed 100%. To me, this was a poor decision on their part.
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    2019/20 Junior Grand Prix pre-season news & discussion thread

    Yes, this is the rule. If you have confirmed to the ISU by June 1st that you will use your spot/spot(s), you can replace skaters after making initial assignments by the stated event deadline. But if you have forfeited a spot/spot(s) to the ISU by June 1st, you cannot ask for it back later...
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    2019-20 Canadian ladies news and updates

    My sources have said that Alaine has "quit". She is enrolled or will be enrolled full time at UBC and is going to study kinesiology. And she's living with her boyfriend - Kevin Reynolds. Hence her absenteeism from the GP roster. The lack of a formal announcement is because they aren't certain...
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    No - there is a line between their names - they are not a team. It just means that they don't have the registration details for Matte and Chudak. This is common with early registrations.
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    ISU Grand Prix 2019/20 and provisional dates for 2020/21

    June 20th and 21st in Annecy, France
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    Using the new +5/-5 GOEs

    And this was before the ISU published the clarification in Communication 2186, which now states that the starting GOE before reductions cannot be any higher than +2 for an element that has a major error in it (under rotation, downgrade, fall, step out, two foot landing). Before this...
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    2018-2019 Canadian Ladies News and Updates!

    My sources have confirmed that Cotop is training in Edmonton with Ravi full time; she moved three or so weeks ago, and that is why she was moved off of the first event in Bratislava - so she could have more time to get acclimated to her new location and rink. She previously worked with Ravi...
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    Two Chinese judges from the 2018 Olympics are suspended by the ISU

    The 'corridor' does not exist anymore; was replaced by a numerical analysis outlined originally in ISU communication 2035 and recently updated in 2098. This is a bit more flexible to allow for deviations outside the mean that might be justified in consultation with the OAC and doesn't allow one...
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    Canadian Ladies 2017-18 season news & updates

    I think it is safe to say that no one should ever take seriously the "criticism" received from the Mean Girls at TSL. Regina George and crew are sensationalist that don't provide constructive commentary. It is all catty comments and backhanded compliments. I consider him the Sean Hannity of...
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