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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    @PRlady the whole contest was cancelled, hopefully KAN picks Eden for 2021 because I really liked her.
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    2020...2021 Eurovision - Let's Go Dutch!

    @allezfred I’ll be the Netherlands please and thank you 😁.
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    Nathalie Péchalat

    As we’ve seen with USA Gymnastics things aren’t going to just go from horrible to great because of a new leader, we’ve seen how many presidents they’ve gone through and they’re still struggling. Nathalie might be the first of a long list of short term presidents. She might be great once she...
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    Who is robbed most of world title of 2020 b/c of no worlds probably

    Any skater, their family, coach, fan, organizer or anybody that put any sort of work, time and/or emotional investment into the event was robbed. When it comes to the world title...obviously Eteri Tutberidze is the most robbed of all...
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    2019-20 Canadian ladies news and updates

    No numbers to back this up but Schizas IMO seems to be more on the upswing than Bausback and Schumacher. For that reason I’d send her to senior worlds.
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    in an ideal world this is how 4-10 would work out 4.Kihira 5.You 6.Tennell 7.Bell 8.Kim 9.Higuchi or Miyahara All the countries other than Russia that could use 3 spots would get them. But I know that’s not gonna happen.
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    Does french figure skating have a culture of rape ? FFSG in the storm

    As long as it is still the FFSG, Didier will have some sort of pull within the federation. I get how tearing it all down will affect French figure skating beyond the elite level, but the poison is deep in the bloodstream and it has to be cut off completely IMO.
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    U.S. Pairs 2019-20 season - News & Updates, Part X

    I am sure all team selections for worlds can be justified one way or another, but when your discipline is depleted it is foolish to dismiss rising talent for those with the “most potential” or the teacher’s pet. Other pairs have had their shot and it seems odd to keep on giving pairs with more...
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    I agree, being top 10 would be an accomplishment and a very good one at that
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    Should The Minimum Age That Ladies Can Compete As Seniors In Singles Be Raised From 15 To 17/18 Years Of Age?

    The issue isn’t age the issue is judging rewarding young athletes for qualities that aren’t there at all. I feel like 15 year olds competing at the senior level Wold be just fine if PCS were actually judged correctly. It would level out the field and reward those that actually deliver quality...
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    Rsport interview with Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

    In your mind I guess but nobody ever really said such a thing...
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    Rsport interview with Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

    Wow way to pick out something out of the grave... also don’t you live in the U.S.?
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    Zagitova announces a temporary suspension of her competitive career; will perform in shows, incl. 'Art on Ice 2020'

    Zagitova’s exit from competitive skating is about her. Not others, but god forbid somebody tells Tarasova, Plushenko or Tutberidze that the world doesn’t revolve around them 😒
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    @Vagabond i never said that. Again, I said that the U.S.does not have the talent currently to make use of those 3 Junior spots. I didn’t say they should not use them. I said they don’t have (aside from Liu) any actual contenders.
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    So the depth isn’t there to warrant a 3rd spot this season? We can each have our own opinions. If you can’t think of an actual good reply then let it go...
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