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    Aurora Games, Albany, NY, August 24

    From The Skating Lesson, Here’s the exhibition performances that didn’t make it on air: Ashley Wagner (la la Land) Ayaka Hosada Alysa Liu Plus , more warm ups in...
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    What is the worst figure skating meltdown in history in the "Kiss and Cry" area?

    There are so many. My example wasn’t crying though. In general, I enjoyed Maria Butrskaya’s flippent reactions. She would pretend to not care, take off her skates and not look, Nagano she halfway looked and kept walking, wagged her finger in 2001 and ended her career at 2002 Worlds QR by not...
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    Examples of skaters only doing a jump when they needed to

    Katerina Witt thought she need a Triple Flip in 1982. Then, it was gone forever. Sarah Hughes and the triple toe-triple loop rarely came to play. Ashley Wagner had a Triple Flutz-Triple loop in 2008 and disappeared. Alissa Czisny had a Triple Lutz-Triple Toe (UR) at Skate America and that...
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    New blog covering forgotten figure skaters from the past

    Kulovana 1994: I think that was Szwed 1996's program here Shame that even when the jumps failed, she didn't get enough credit for that 1 foot step sequence, IMO.
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    Ilia Klimkin - Russia's biggest wasted talent?

    "Seems like you always carry those people with you, especially at the Olympic games"- Scott Hamilton, Ilia's 2006 Olympics LP I think the death of his coach and injuries made it difficult in 2006. In this case, Scott Hamilton was correct. I still...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 15: His hair didn't have stamina, so why should his athletes?

    UGGGGG No! Maybe his wrists were sore from the wrist flicks?
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    Lu Chen's 1997 LP?

    Angsty, 90's Bizarre fluff piece from 1996 Skate Canada, which shows a brief clip of her program, a Chinese official speaking for her and disagreement with coach. The dress she wore at 1997 Worlds
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    #TeamTrainwreck 14: "I Don't Care. #StillHere"

    @alchemy void congratulations!
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    2026 Winter Olympics - 7 expressions of interest

    The IOC seems far more interested in Stockholm
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    Best Cowboy Western Programs

    How about a wonderful Danish skater with superior lines, carriage, musicality and an ugly costume ? Miss him! Michael Tyllesen 1994 Olympics Eric Milliot and Yulia Vorobieva deserve these mentions for better or worse! 1996 Worlds were memorable...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 13: Tears, Tits and Tiaras

    HA ! I thought they worked together on this program until I saw the Kiss n Cry.
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    Kwan's fields of golden programs removed from youtube

    That took more time and work than expected, but these videos should be restored.
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    Ashley Wagner Cheer Thread #3: The Subject of Tonight's Lecture...

    I think Laetitia Hubert was 27 when she landed a triple lutz-triple toe in the second half of her long program at the 2002 Winter Olympics.
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    Which lady had the best spring in her jumps?

    The answer is Krisztina Czako, on every jump! She got the height and then rotated, often resulting in wobbly landings, but exciting to watch. Tonya Harding wins this award too. though sometimes the lutz had a little pull...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 12: Done in by a World of Fun!

    :inavoid::inavoid::inavoid: "That's what's so strange about her skating...." I haven't seen that Maria Butyrskaya collection of falls in years! Void city! Thank you @alchemy void for making my day as always. Thoughts: They forgot 1996 Europeans splat. The audio messed up on the clips make it...