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    Sport24: Aleksandra Trusova leaving Tutberidze for Plushenko

    THe thing with 'rona is that it gives time to people to think about their life and what improvements they wanted to do. Time to think, time to adjust. In a skating season all you do is go go go : hard training, choreo, competitions after competitions and what, 2-3 weeks on holidays? 4-6 weeks to...
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    This is how I read it in the original article. He wrote the article before he went to announce it to his team but that doesn't mean it was published before they knew.
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    From Russia With Love (#36) Spring into Summer 2020

    :wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall: Get a life girl!!!
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    I am stating facts : It was not the most classy parting. It was hard on Julianne. She still has concussion symptoms. Charlie had to find a new partner as he wanted to keep skating. Not an objective fact : I really liked that pairing and overmost their Grand Hotel Budapest program.
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    2020-21 Canadian Pairs News & Updates

    As far as I know Séguinhasn’t resumed training and still have concussion symptoms. Maybe he didn’t end the relation as it should (read crap) they could have not continue.
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    Those who have recovered The second strain was more virulent than the first one. They think there are up to 8 strains outthere right now...
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    Those who have recovered

    There are now two strains of the ***** as it has mutated. So you could possibly get the other strain but with lesser symptoms.
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    ISU Cancels 2020 World Figure Skating Championships

    I laugh everytime I read that the « ISU has cancelled Worlds ». They chickened out and waited for the government to cancel it.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    Give you just one more week to see 30 yo without any medical condition getting into ICU, not dying from ******** but having lung fibrosis for the rest of their life. Give you time and your opinion will change. I don’t blame you neither. We had the same discourse one week ago...
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    News and Experiences #Thread1

    Here in Quebec they have planned to open some schools and open daycare for health care workers (for free). Our government has been quite proactive and shown lots of leadership. We’re proud of how all of this has been managed soon, regardless of pur political alligeance.
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    News and Experiences #Thread1

    I ain’t American... I really don’t know how to address this. Without falling into paranoia, there are things to do which will help in the long run. Social consciousness is among the values we share in my province. People are proud and happy our provincial prime minister has put clear guideline...
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    News and Experiences #Thread1

    For you, US doubters of isolation measures Please trade the link above. The whole world need you to understand how important it is to follow closely these recommandations. It will make all the difference. The sooner your delay the the propagation, the smaller the curve of infected people will...
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    ISU Cancels 2020 World Figure Skating Championships

    Schools are closed for two weeks in Quebec. All sporting and arts buildings are closed. People are asked to work from hoe if possible. Drastic measures but everybody seems fine with it.
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    ISU Cancels 2020 World Figure Skating Championships*********-19-aplatir-la-courbe/ (Google translate) It’s all about flattening the infection rate curve...
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    ISU Cancels 2020 World Figure Skating Championships********-legault-mesures All people returning from abroad asked to be put into self quarantine. State employees will get fully paid . Money given to private sectors workers via their company . No gathering over 250 attendees. Most schools...
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