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    Gymnastics News #21 - Tumbling on to Tokyo

    Good for her! A comeback at any age takes guts. I'm impressed with how she looks after only a few months of training:
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    2019 Junior World Championships Ladies SP & FS

    ITA about Harrell. With another season or two of experience and time to further develop her artistry, she could be (even more) exceptional. I feel much more confident about her technique holding up than I do about Liu's (although she's great as well). Harrell definitely has potential to be a...
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    U.S. Ladies [#24]: Starr-Ting Order/Detailed Classification

    Ashley Lin is no longer on the competitor list for nationals (updated today):
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    2018 U.S. Club Competitions & Scoretracker updates

    Alex Johnson competed at the Braemar (MN) Competition in late June, scoring 71.95 in the SP (33.03 TES; 38.92 PCS) and 124.xx in the FS (I'm not sure if it was a combined event; I didn't get a picture of his free skate protocol). He was the only senior men's competitor.
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