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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    I suppose the dumps are planned for later in the day?
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    The Biden-Harris Administration

    In my middle school, the three faculty members with doctorates in education are quite respected and referred to by their titles or by Doc (with great affection), so I guess location matters.
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    When and how should we open schools?

    We're having our post-Thanksgiving spike, so we're virtual this week, closed for the the next two, and then back in-person barring terrible numbers January 7. This is exam week, so I spent the weekend writing virtual friendly tests that they are currently taking. Faculty and staff have to...
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    Carreira/Ponomarenko Need a Cheer Thread

    Meryl and Charlie seemed to have that attitude, and it served them well. Christina is obviously talented and has a winning mindset, I think.
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    The Four Seasons Landscape Company has handled the whole thing with such grace--of course we are honored that any Presidential campaign would want to hold their event here, and we would welcome one of either party, AND we will have merch available starting Monday--I would be a customer for life...
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    Skate Canada Replaces "Mohawk" and "Choctaw" In Its Terminology

    I loved that OD at the time, and I think they did try to be respectful, but even as a D/W uber, I don't think it has aged particularly well.
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    We will see what Americans do and don't want next week. As far as police unions go, a simple Google search reveals the Fraternal Order of Police have endorsed the Republican candidate every cycle going back to 2000, except in 2012 when they chose not to endorse anyone. Also black officers this...
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    When and how should we open schools?

    Our whole football team and their coach (who is also a fantastic 8th grade science teacher) is quarantined. We are still in-person, though, and expect more to come back next week. Arkansas had our highest ever new cases reported on Wednesday :yikes: The students are doing better with masks...
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    As the Page Turns (the Book Thread)

    I devoured The Other Bennett Sister this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's Pride and Prejudice (published) fanfic about Mary Bennett.
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    Religious movie suggestions

    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!
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    Best intro to a movie or character

    JoJo Rabbit--intro montage to the German version of I Wanna Hold your Hand and Closing montage to the German version of We Can Be Heroes--fabulous.
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    When and how should we open schools?

    We had enough people exposed and in quarantine, that the health department has ordered our building closed until September 21. Had my first day of virtual only today, and it's a whole lot easier than hybrid, but I guess that's obvious.
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    When and how should we open schools?

    And our building is closed tomorrow. Apparently, someone tested positive today, and the health department is contact tracing. We’ll be notified tomorrow if we have to quarantine. We are supposed to teach from home.
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    When and how should we open schools?

    Finally able to breathe and relax long enough to report back about the first two weeks of hybrid virtual/in-person school. I am a veteran teacher, 23 years teaching middle school English and social studies at a small Catholic school, but this is my first year teaching public school--7th grade...
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