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    PICK THREE: Underappreciated Movies

    The Painted Veil--remarkable performances and cinematography. Tragic romance--the best (fictional) kind. Barbara--A look at East German society in 1980 through the eyes of a doctor from West Germany. Nice romantic subplot, too. Head-On--another German film, this one about Turkish immigrants...
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    Royalty Thread #10 -Archie Phase 2 - Bold and Bald Still

    If only they had brought HM flowers!
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    Cute world's shortest birthday pic, too. :lol:
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    Lubov Ilyushechkina and Charlie Bilodeau Cheer Thread

    My little Uber heart is full this morning. I will be running a 5K tomorrow while they are skating--one of the VERY few circumstances in which I would not watch live. I am hoping for a SB for them (and a PR for me.)
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    All Aboard the Han Yan Fan Van!

    My first thought when I woke up this morning and checked results--gas up the van!
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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    My 21 year old is a Bernie Bro and my 12 year old is in the Yang Gang (and going to be AY for Halloween :rolleyes: ) The rest of us shake our heads and support Warren. :lol:
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    Lubov Ilyushechkina and Charlie Bilodeau Cheer Thread

    Y'all. I was trying not to uber this. Just be a casual fan and watch casually and, you know casual. :cheer2::encore::oksana1::TnD1::violin::GnP1::gallopin1 So that went well. See you at 2:00 A.M. live from Beijing and the like. Stocking up on Zantac now. Looking out for that illegal Canadians...
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    Commendable progress from Lubov and Charlie from the first event. They move really well together. Great start!
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    Daisuke Takahashi decided to become an ice-dancer (with Kana Muramoto) after Jan 2020

    This is the BEST news! Instant uber :love::love:
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    The Ted Barton Appreciation Society

    "Half a million Russians" is the new "I have an inbox full of PMs from people who think I'M RIGHT!"
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    Comfort Food (Yum)

    My maternal grandmother and mother fixed creamed tuna on toast and dried creamed beef on toast. (I didn't learn its crasser name until college.) I tried to make it as a homesick young adult and found it hardly palatable. I think it was a childhood thing for me.
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    There are sparks in her eyes that do not lie. :)
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    Debate 2, Part 1

    I thought she had a few good moments, most memorably about the NRA and the experience of trying to work with Trump when the NRA is the last player in the room with him. It rang authentic to me. I think she was overshadowed through a lot of it, though.
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    Debate 2, Part 1

    Yang is also declaring that he has qualified for the fall debates. Interesting that Klobuchar has the polling but not the funding, and Castro has the funding but not the polling. Sen. Klobuchar is holding a fundraiser here in mid-August. I hope that helps push her over because I would like to...
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    What Program Have You Rewatched the Most?

    All-time is def. Shen and Zhao, you know the one, but lately Manta and Johnson's FD from Nationals--the perfect performance of the perfect program at the perfect time.
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