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    German Skating News - Season 2021/2022

    I understand Aljona very well. What are her prospectes in Germany? Nobody needs here figure skating at all. She can coach and can be Bundestrainer if Mr. König retires in 20 years. The will be no shows or someting like this. There are already TV commentatores. In the States there is a big market...
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    German Skating Season 2020-21

    It looks like there won't be any competitions in DE in November. Everything will be closed. :mad:
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    Skate Canada Replaces "Mohawk" and "Choctaw" In Its Terminology

    In Russian and German we say these words like in English.
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    Skate Canada Replaces "Mohawk" and "Choctaw" In Its Terminology

    Skate Canada should rather try to organize virtual competitions to give skaters some perspective in this time.
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    ISU to evaluate feasibility of 2020-21 skating season

    I feel really sorry for the children in Oberstdorf because they need more oxygen than normal during training. :( So happy that I do only sports outdoor and can breathe freely.
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    German Skating Season 2020-21

    Here you go.********-krise-46114170.html Could be a littele bit shorter than the articl in the Freie Presse.
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    Concert on Ice 2019
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    What happened to Skating Magazine?

    Thank you.
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    What happened to Skating Magazine?

    I used to read it online here Now it looks like the magazine is not available anymore.
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    ISU signs deal with Infront; Will EuroSport & CBC still cover ISU events this season?

    Hello! It´s look like will be airing competions live. Here is the program СБ19 ОКТЯБРЯ 01:55 Фигурное катание. Skate America - 2019. Пары. Короткая программа The stream on the website is geoblocked, but you can use some links like...
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    A documentary (BBC) about J. Curry

    The film is in English It is geoblocked, you need an IP from Sweden.
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    German Skating News 2018/19

    That´s true. He does not like classical music at all, and every skater, who has choosen classical music, is criticized.
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    Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sørensen are released by Denmark to represent Canada

    I would not say so. We spent every summer holiday at Nothern Sea in Denmark in last 20 years. The country is small, there are only 4 Mio Danish people and they have their national pride. They fear of being flooded with the migrants. Personally, I can understand this strict regulation with...
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    U.S. Figure Skating & NBC Sports Group Partner on Media Rights Agreement through 2026

    My billing adress is Germany, so I could buy it, but I would be able to watch only US Nationals 2019. I used VPN ZenMate for Icenetwork last year, but do not know if it will work this season. I miss Icenetwork, this is not a joke. :cool:
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    German Skating News 2017/2018

    The rink in Unna needs our support.
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