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    2022-23 Program Music and Choreographers

    Until someone skates to Requiem for a Dream in a red dress and has choreography inspired by amphetamine-induced psychosis or being so strung out on heroin it makes Laetitia Hubert's "Prostitute on Drugs" FS pale in comparison, I'm not having it. :drama:
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    Alysa Liu cheer/fan thread

    Maybe it could also be laying low to evade the eyes of a certain government, especially with how they messed around with her father and her training the year before Beijing, and her encounter with a strange man that tried to invite her to his room in the athlete’s village. :eek: :sekret:
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    Ottavio Cinquanta has died

    "I don't know figure skating so well" - Ottavio Cinquanta. That principle guided his decisions and legacy on the sport, which includes the Grand Prix series, the ISU Judging System, anonymous judging (which he staunchly defended), and a failed attempt to abolish the short program. Condolences...
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    How will the new sequence rules affect planned jump content?

    I predict that the Russians (if/when they come back) will find a way to make these combinations as fugly as possible with weird janky moves between the jumps and still manage to get +5 GOEs for it. (e.g., hideous step-over Eulers a la Pogorilaya or the hunched over power-pulls all the Russian...
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    US elections 2021-2022

    I don't miss the days where the news ticker always had whatever impulsive tweet Trump sent in the past few minutes or so. It was never informative nor useful, and even if was some horrible thing he said, he would either double down or deny he meant what he said.
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    Nathan Chen Fan Thread #2

    Oh true. But that manifesting is just me wishing for something very unlikely (but I'd be totally happy if it happened), so might as well add another even more improbable condition to the mix :lol:
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    Nathan Chen Fan Thread #2

    Yeah, no. I'm not caseyedwards still holding out hope Ross Miner makes it to the Olympics.
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    Interview with Irina Slutskaya [post-Beijing]

    Imagine if the ISU allowed it so that one of the combinations could have unlimited jumps (but with appropriate deductions/calls for underrotations, etc). It'd be a trainwreck at first, but a lot more interesting than the janky Euler combos we've been seeing this past quad.
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    Nathan Chen Fan Thread #2

    I'm trying to manifest that Nathan brings back Mozart as a short program, but uses the OVXX remix of Mozart's Requiem (Lacrimosa) from the Contrapoints soundtrack, which is conveniently within the time limits of a SP.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    At the time, I found Yagudin's Nutrocker even more silly than the Winter snow throwing, especially all his miming of instrument playing and doofy over-the-top 🤩 expressions. But now that I watch it two decades later, I think it's so campy it's kind of genius :lol: It also makes me miss the days...
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I recoiled when I first saw Nathan Chen's Olympic Rocketman shirt, but the more I look at photos of his winning FS, the more I like it. I wouldn't buy it off the rack (or Wish :shuffle:), but I think the bright reds and orange really makes him stand out in photos and the ice-blue boards and...
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    LGBTQ+ in figure skating

    Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I respect the privacy of individuals when it comes to sexuality. Yes, someone might be screamingly fabulous like Johnny Weir (remember, he didn't come out while amateur), and they may have a truckload of circumstantial evidence, but if someone has their reasons for...
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    Russian Figure Skater tests positive for drugs - delays ceremony for team medals

    If I was in charge of the USFS, I would have a special part of the 2023 Nationals gala to hold a medal ceremony for the US Olympic Team Event medalists. I would invite the entire Japanese and Canadian teams as well (even if they don't get upgraded to bronze, heck, US Nats has a 4th place spot on...
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    LGBTQ+ in figure skating

    Yeah we shouldn’t speculate…but can we hope? If Filip is on our team then that’s a win :grope:
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    Japanese figure skating 2021-22 season news & updates

    Kaori is the true clean OGM 🥇 :cheer2:
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