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    U.S. Men 2019-20 season - news & updates

    Wow. I can't believe he didn't evaluate ice time availability before picking Brown. Yikes.
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    Raisman retires: Includes some cute pics/vids of her as a child in gymnastics. She's had quite a career. I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    I find rhythmic gymnastics a lot more artistic than "artistic" gymnastics, even setting aside the tumbling runs.
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    What a beautiful mount. I also liked the way she oozed into that split. I hadn't realized wollf turns had been with us so long. Sadly, they didn't look any prettier back then.
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    Obligations of Clubs and Associations in supporting skaters

    I would expect (especially now) that clubs would train skaters and parents in awareness of boundaries, grooming behaviors to watch for and report, ice, locker room & social media etiquette, appropriate parent engagement, and likely some healthy nutrition/body acceptance workshops.
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    I don't remember ever seeing this before. It was fabulous! Thanks!
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    Who Needs Triple Axels and Toe Loops? Give Us Compulsory Figures!

    I didn't see a livestream link, but there was a link to the men's creative figure comp:
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    Who Needs Triple Axels and Toe Loops? Give Us Compulsory Figures! Nice story on the resurgence of interest in figures -- and they've added new ones. 'The modern figures movement has tried hard to broaden its appeal, deploying black ice (to better see the...
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    Guardian article on sexual abuse in figure skating

    Fascinating article -- thanks for posting it. This was the part that particularly spoke to me: "Like Namiotka, Jada Kai, a singles skater who performed under the name Melissa Bulanhagui and represented both the US and the Philippines, remembers Coughlin grooming young female skaters at the...
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    Surya Bonaly made Knight of the French Legion of Honor

    She looks great -- I'm very happy for her. A well-deserved honor.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    It would be interesting to read an English translation of a Russian figure skating media training guide...if there even is one. (That said, I enjoy the Russian jousting a lot more than the Amerian platitudes. YMMV.)
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    Cipres accused of sexual misconduct

    I'm not puzzled. The skater in question is nowhere to be seen in the multitude of pictures she has posted. She has lots of other skater pics posted. Probably a smart move on her part. The one of her kid sleeping in the car seat is particularly sweet.
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    USA making it harder to get "Extraordinary Ability" green cards/visas (multiple Carreira/Ponomarenko references)

    Sense and the Trump Administration aren't residing in the same building. Maybe not even on the same planet.
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    USA making it harder to get "Extraordinary Ability" green cards/visas (multiple Carreira/Ponomarenko references)

    "The approval rate for individual immigrant petitions for permanent residence based on “extraordinary ability,” a category used by professional athletes, scientists, professors and industry executives, fell from 82.1% in the 2016 government fiscal year, the last full year of the Obama...
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    Russia banned from hosting/competing at major international events for 4 years

    How are they going to do that if they were so invested in trying to tar the whistleblower? Who could trust that? I am curious what -- if anything -- will happen to Alexander Lakernik, ISU First Vice President of Figure Skating. He's been smart and influential as figure skating has undergone...
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