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    Barbara Underhill, Tracy Tutton and Dawn Braid go from figure skating to NHL skating coaches

    This is such a wonderful article. Thank you for posting it!
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    ISU World Standings Have Been Updated

    I love Jason Brown's skating, but only in the crazy world of ISU World Standings would he be ranked second in the world and above Nathan Chen.
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    Qualification to Team Competition at the Beijing Olympics

    I'm sure it is somewhere here, but why the heck do JGP standings influence eligibility for an invitation to the team event at the Olympics?
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    2021/2022 Canadian Pairs: News and Updates

    US 1, 2, and 3 are a crapshoot as to which team will be in which slot on any given day. None are known for consistency.
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    McLaren Report Into Amateur Boxing

    It needs to be dropped from the Olympics. That is rampant, systemic corruption.
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    2022 Four Continents Comes To Rude Euro Land (Relocation to Tallinn)

    The return of the sub-Human performance list?
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    U.S. Men 2021-22 season news & updates

    Fan favorite aside, Jason has had a rather remarkable record of doing well at major competitions. He ends up with better scores than many, many guys with quads. Not always on the podium, but a strength - especially if they chose to use him for the team SP.
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    Is there a way to contribute to fsvids without becoming a member? I appreciate all the videos...

    Is there a way to contribute to fsvids without becoming a member? I appreciate all the videos you post!
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    Nicole Bobek

    Hamill and Curry would have rocked PCS, indeed. Toller Cranston would have, too -- and he was notably not that great at figures. Trixie Schuba won Olympic gold just four years before Dorothy Hamill won, and Schuba was a terrible, awful freeskater - but an absolute whiz at figures.
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    Nicole Bobek

    In the 90s, there were a lot of women at Worlds who either didn't have a triple lutz or who only sorta-kinda had one or who would take a tremendously long and slow entrance into one to the point of crashing or nearly crashing into the boards. That was true even though many of the skaters through...
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    JGP subforum

    Hope your wrist is feeling better soon. Does icing it help?
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    Very cool. Ugly jump positions, but her skating overall is lovely. I especially liked the point work turns. I wonder why we don't see that today?
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    2020 OG Gymnastics Thread: The Takedown In Tokyo

    Too bad she didn't have bone spurs. Bone spurs are a great excuse....not knowing where you are in the air while tumbling -- not so much. :wideeyes:
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    Skating Through Time - 3 DVDs from USFSA

    Great. Send me your contact info and I will send them out! Glad that they'll have a new home. :sasha1:
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    Skating Through Time - 3 DVDs from USFSA

    I have the three volumes of USFSA's Skating Through Time, but no longer have a DVD player. I'll be happy to send them as a set for the cost of postage. These are all performances from USFSA Championships. Vol 1 - Fleming, Boitanoa, Blumberg & Siebert, Kwan, Eldredge, Bobek, Babilonia & Gardner...
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