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    Ashley Wagner reveals she was assaulted by John Coughlin

    Stop it. Stop putting it on other people when someone is a serial rapist. Not reporting it does NOT make someone guilty of another's actions. This line of thought is disgusting. Stop it.
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    Candy You Detest

    Everything listed I pretty much love. Peeps are my favorite. I love circus peanuts. I love white chocolate. I love black licorice. I do not, however, care for mint anything.
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    JoJo Gomez, Choreographer, Accuses Daniil Gleikhengauz of Stealing Her Work

    I love the reaction from the various Uber fans. It's reminiscent of the MK vs Tara/Irina/Sasha days. Oh, the off-season petty battles have been missed.
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    Coughlin's Former Pairs Partner Alleges He Abused Her

    I think it says a lot about us that we are condemning her for not speaking up correctly. She made a comment, probably in the heat of the moment, and that's what so many people seem to be focusing on. She was probably nervous/angry/fed up/scared as hell/emotional. She probably didn't think of...
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    Alina Zagitova: short article/summary/past season/future goals

    I've read a few times where people think Alina has a strange and maybe weird attachment to her dog, and that really confuses me. I guess I don't think loving your pet is weird.
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    Evan Lysacek is engaged

    It's always so annoying to me to read posts commenting on what people perceive another's sexuality to be, especially when the group think is to hate said person. Then 30 seconds later I read that we are supposed to protect another, more universally loved skater's privacy. Or when someone who...
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    ISU statement on Mariah Bell and Eun soo Lim

    Nowhere did I say she did. But I absolutely believe ATS would have created an incident regardless of who skated next.
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    ISU statement on Mariah Bell and Eun soo Lim

    Absolutely. At the cost of Mariah's good name internationally. I kind of think the victim of their shenanigans would have been whichever skater was slated to skate after Lim. Poor Mariah was just the unfortunate person who drew that slot.
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    ISU statement on Mariah Bell and Eun soo Lim

    The attention this has gotten, and the way people are carrying on, you'd think her leg was smashed or some other type of serious injury. She was grazed. She needed a band-aid. She didn't even require stitches or pain meds! This has gotten so beyond ridiculous. :blah:
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    U.S. Ladies [#25]: Method in the Madness

    Looks like Lim should be the one to apologize, as she obviously interfered with Bell's run through. Preferably through much publicized media, since they've done a damn good job of creating a bad reputation for Bell.
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    Thanks @SHARPIE ! I wondered if that was Why. I can stick it out until I'm 100% expired.
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    My subscription is up this week and I would like to renew for a year. When I try to purchase, it will only allow me to gift the 1 year, but I can purchase or gift all the others. Can anyone help? What am I doing wrong?
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    John Coughlin has died

    I dunno...The Salem Witch Trials come to mind. I'm not saying that this is at all the case here, but things like that do actually happen. Rare, but they do. That's why we have investigations.
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    (Updated) Denis Ten Murdered: was stabbed in the thigh

    I'm absolutely shocked. And disgusted that this has happened. RIP Denis Ten.
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    Edited: Roseanne reboot - BOOTED

    Oh, good! Another American vs Canadian battle! I think arrogant humans suck. I also think people who believe all stereotypes suck. No matter what country they were born in.
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