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    Nguyen & Kolesnik have ended their partnership

    I said exactly this when I read the news.
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    If you were a world class figure skater what would your SP and Free music be?

    Short: Road to Perdition Soundtrack Free: Månestrålen
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    Music I wish someone would skate to: 2020 Edition :)

    Music from “The Limpid Stream” by Shostakovich. There are parts that I could imagine Alysa Liu skating to. Others, would be fun for a dance couple . I’ve lately imagined Mariah Bell skating to “Inspiring Piano” (Ignatov) for some reason. It’s very much in the vein of her 2018-19 FP, so I doubt...
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    Alysa Liu cheer/fan thread

    Thanks for creating this thread!
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    When You Were A Child

    A fashion designer and a Ballet Dancer. I devoured Nancy Drew books.
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    Busy ubering skaters.

    Busy ubering skaters.
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    Las Vegas, Nevada to host 2019 Skate America!

    Moi. I haven’t met an FSUer yet, although there are several of us present.
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    In Rhythmic Gymnastics News, the World Championships concluded today in Baku. For the first time ever, the U.S. placed two in the top 10 of the All-Around and qualified 2 spots for Tokyo and the Group placed 10th as well, the highest finish ever for an American group. Unfortunately, they missed...
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    Gymnastics News #21 - Tumbling on to Tokyo

    In RG news, Laura Zeng earned the all-around bronze medal at The Summer Universiade this past week.
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    Mariah bell controversy

    Wait, what?
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    2019 Oscars Red Carpet & Ceremony - All Awards Lead To Roma

    Olivia Colman was amazing in The Favourite, but I'm sad faced that Glenn Close did not win.
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    2019 Oscars Red Carpet & Ceremony - All Awards Lead To Roma

    Feeling like RBG was robbed.
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    Best pairs programs of all time

    Savchenko/Massot LP 2018 Olympics or Worlds. You asked for older programs, but I just could not let this thread go by without mentioning this. I’m glad that someone up thread mentioned Lyons/Wells as they were my favorite American pair in the mid 90s and so underrated.
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    NYT: Gracie Gold’s Battle for Olympic Glory Ended in a Fight to Save Herself

    Reminds me of Boitano’s journey in many ways too.
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    U.S. Ladies [#24]: Starr-Ting Order/Detailed Classification

    As much of an unabashed Alysa uber that I am....I was most impressed with Hanna and Ting’s current and hopefully future development based on their performances this championships.
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