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    News & Experiences continued

    So you think the federal government should pay for those people who want to teach their kids that blacks are inferior and/or that the Holocaust never happened?
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    Last American Olympic Champion

    Why? Frank Carroll is American enough ... and in 2010 he (and Evan)demonstrated the advantage of back loading jumps. Why more US coaches haven't copied him, I don't know, but it is not unique to Eteri ... and considering that the USFS (along with other US athletic groups) are in enough...
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    Royalty Thread #13: Zooming in on our favorite royals

    If you like rubies: (and speaking of Denmark): Netherlands, too:
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    Michelle Kwan (Threads Merged)

    Michelle is 40??!! I feel so old ... it was yesterday that she was the fresh faced alternate to the Oly team of Tonya and Nancy. Happy Birthday Michelle!
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    The Race for the 2020 POTUS elections

    I wonder if Kanye is serious about running:
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    Memes and humor to lift your spirits up

    Not humorous, but definitely lifted my spirits up:
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    The Good News Thread

    A truly great Portugese hero:
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    The Good News Thread

    From Buffalo:
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    Why Does This Keep Happening: The Police Thread

    Banksy made a similar proposal: That the statues were erected says something about the group that erected it; that it took so long to realize that the person depicted shouldn't be honored says something about the...
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    USFS announces Alysa Liu's coaching change to Barkell & Nichol in Toronto and Massimo Scali in Oakland, CA

    IIRC, Michelle was over 20 when she split with Frank; IMO, 20 year olds do not need dad's help to make decisions that prove to be unwise (and Michelle has always said that she was the one making the decision, not dad). Alyssa, however, is much younger ... it is normal for younger kids not to...
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    Things I’m sick of tbh.....

    Not sure if this belongs here, but I am really getting sick of the guy down the hall constantly making cracks about my not caring because I don't wear a mask inside the building. I'm a research attorney, so I don't see people very often ... and when I do, there is either social distancing or I...
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    What if .... 2002 Olympic Ladies Competition

    I've always thought that if Irina had beaten Kwan in the SP (as she should have), Michelle would not have fallen. She had a great track record of putting out her best FS when behind in the short
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    The Good News Thread

    Despite chaos:
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    Royalty Thread #13: Zooming in on our favorite royals

    Former Belgian king's statute removed after it was vandalized. IMO, removal is long overdue, considering:
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