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    #TeamTrainwreck 21: Ride until the fantasy ends!

    Here's an IG post for ya. NotPolina trying to be artsy and/or sexy I guess??? But to me it looks more like she's giving herself an eyewash :huh: Very TTW style!
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    #TeamTrainwreck 21: Ride until the fantasy ends!

    I tried duolingo but all the sentences were about f'kin apples! It got repetitive and boring so I checked out. I really just want to understand skater interviews and competition commentary. I want to go back to Russia someday (my family & I were trying for next year but the universe said...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 21: Ride until the fantasy ends!

    When I was in Russia ~20 years ago I got scolded by an elderly Ukranian woman about why I was neither married or engaged or gasp even had a boyfriend. I was 20 years old at the time and I was dangerously close to becoming a spinster. My host mom told the lady to shush because Americans are...
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    Figure Skating Baby News!

    His first name is Vladislav, but yes, that's him. Katalina is a pretty name! Unique but not wacky. Congrats to the Lipnitskaya-Tarasenko family.
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    Gymnastic news #22 - Tokyo or bust

    That's what Dominique said on the 30 for 30 podcast (almost caught up!). She practiced her vaults with an extra mat (forgot what she called what kind of mat is was) but he didn't provide her with one when she went up for vault. She needed him to actually coach her but he was screaming nonsense...
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    News & Experiences continued

    I know of three people who moved out of NYC: a sister-in-law and a friend from high school moved to Long Island and I just met a couple that just moved here to my town. We're not doing that great with our crud numbers, but their rent is $2000 less for quadruple the space so they're happy so far.
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    The Gymnastics Factory: The Rise and Fall of the Karolyi Ranch

    Bela knew that, and would even use it against her. If she didn't listen to him or didn't do exactly what he wanted, he would threaten to tell her father. Bela knew full well that her father was physically abusive and lorded his control over her because he could have her beaten any time he...
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    The Gymnastics Factory: The Rise and Fall of the Karolyi Ranch

    I just watched the TSL interview last night, haven't gotten to Heavy Medals yet. I think he said Bela told him she did it on purpose, but he didn't know if it was true or not because Bela liked to make up his own stories. But I might have gotten that mixed up with the rumor that she had drunk...
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    R.I.P. John Lewis - Civil Rights icon.

    RIP Mr. Lewis. I hope America will one day be the country you envisioned.
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    Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya passed away

    Absolutely gutted. My heart dropped when I saw the subject line. It's been such an awful week with a lot of notable people dying. That poor girl got the worst of all possible situations. Health problems forcing her to quit, then a global p___c probably greatly prohibited her ability to seek...
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    The Gymnastics Factory: The Rise and Fall of the Karolyi Ranch

    Yes, I remember at the time that Moceanu was called things like lazy, whiner, etc. At the end of her competitive career she was also suing her parents for emancipation, and that was used as "evidence" that she was just being a rebellious teen. :( It's probably a bitter victory that she was...
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    3rd annual Peggy Fleming Trophy - 2020 virtual edition

    I love the theme song to Cowboy Bebop, I'm glad someone chose it for skating. Tomoki did such a good job with it! :respec:
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    Masks, Shields and other protection

    I was thinking about getting a face shield. My husband is legally deaf and relies mainly on lip reading to understand people. Going out in public with him with both of us wearing masks has been... something. I only know the alphabet in sign language so that gets rather time consuming. We...
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    News & Experiences continued

    My next door neighbor has the crud. He's pretty young, definitely no older than me, 40 tops. He's feeling rather ill but his wife and kids aren't showing any symptoms yet. They've both been working this whole time up until now, so they are in the first stages of going stir crazy. The wife is...
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    RIP Grant Imahara

    I always thought the build team trio were more fun to watch than the two main guys on Mythbusters. Grant was always my favorite because he had the cute nerd thing going for him. I gasped when I saw the news. RIP Grant :(
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