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    U.S. Ladies [#29]: Skating with Adjusted Vision

    There are some Gracie Gold quotes at the bottom of the Zaccardi article as well: The article also mentions that she had a leg injury and boot problems. While this is not the showing she wanted I hope she...
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    U.S. Ladies [#29]: Skating with Adjusted Vision

    Some thoughts... It's always nice to see Alysa smiling through her program. I wasn't super inspired by the LP segment. It's structurally and musically similar to last year's program, which is fine as she's working on expression and going through physical maturity. She's changed the...
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    From Russia With Love [#37]: Summer 2020

    I'd watch Anna Frolova over the Eteri girls any day. She has a nice carriage reminiscent of Deanna Stellato and Laura Lepisto (more apparent in the SP). Elegant, uncluttered skating and choreography.
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    Japanese figure skating 2020-21 season news & updates

    Here's Wakaba's attempt at a 3A. She had some issues with the jumps in the first half but nailed everything afterwards. Nice expression in the step sequence as well.
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    Japanese figure skating 2020-21 season news & updates

    Kaori looked smooth. Happy to hear Yuna is healthy. She was competitive with the likes of Wakaba and Marin as a junior (against some very good Russian juniors) and I hope she can still make her mark as a senior. Dare I say I'm more excited about the Japanese ladies this preseason so...
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    From Russia With Love [#37]: Summer 2020

    Here are my thoughts without having read any previous prior threads. Valieva and Scherbakova were the standouts for me, with Valieva getting highest marks. Both have visibly grown (which is to be expected) but maintained their flexibility and lightness. Nice to not hear the old warhorses again...
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    Michelle Kwan (Threads Merged)

    Here's Michelle in a PSA for Asian American voters:
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    Unlucky skaters

    I had never seen the Jorik program before. It reminds me of when you have two video players open and you can't figure out where the second audio is coming's that bad lol.
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    Dancing with the Stars Season 28

    My sources are airtight: Yes to Carole Baskin. Lots of other reality TV/doc stars. No to Randy Fenoli. And yes there will be a male figure skater not unfamiliar to this format.
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    Tonya Harding at 1989 Worlds

    Skating music nerd here. You're both right. Trenary used Neil Diamond's "Headed for the Future" in the middle of her 1989 and 1990 SP: It was also the middle of Kerrigan's 1994 FS (Side note: how amazing...
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    Times your predictions were proved wrong

    I never thought Carolina Kostner would've pulled it together to win an Olympic medal so late in her career. Fully expected Mao Asada to retire after Sochi and am glad she stuck around a bit longer. Still surprised Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is still skating even though she's only 23. I also never...
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    Perfect 10! Your favorite 90s pro programs

    Second Tony on these: Biellmann "On Golden Pond" Sato's "Sozo" Midori Ito "Rose of Pain"
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    Such is such a class act. If you want to watch one of her best performances, check out her FS from the 1968 Nationals It's pretty much flawless (her Olympics freeskate had a few errors) and filled with intricate transitions, hops, and steps...
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    #TeamTrainwreck: MESS 2019/20 (Most Epic Splat of the Season)

    I had never seen the Viveca Lindfords clip before. That was a WAXEL!
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    U.S. Ladies [#28]: Achieving 2020 Vision

    I had a similar ranking months ago (when I thought Eunsoo would be a factor) but I simply cannot see Yelim beating both Wakaba AND Satoko. I think she is a lovely, regal skater but not Top 8 yet. For some reason I think that Yelim will become the artist of the group, ala Shizuka. Just putting...
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