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    Lead roles that don't have romance/dating storylines in Non-Romance genres

    I think it was more they brought him back because Diana Rigg had decided to leave the show. The producers were afraid killing her off would prove unpopular.
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    Lead roles that don't have romance/dating storylines in Non-Romance genres

    Diana Rigg’s Mrs. Peel character. Her sex appeal was a given and yet she never dated or had a boyfriend. Even her late husband was never lamented or referred to.
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    Favorite Love ❤️ Songs Mix Tape

    The Philadelphia sound - Spinners (Could it be I’m Falling in Love), Delfonics (Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time), and the Stylistics of the early 70’s.
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    Favorite Love ❤️ Songs Mix Tape

    “You Are Everything” - Stylistics (also Rod Stewart cover), “Today” - Jefferson Airplane.
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    Boxing, Weightlifting & Modern Pentathlon Under Threat For LA 2028

    After the brouhaha over the pentathlon equestrian event in Tokyo, I looked up that rider on youtube (she has been to several Olympics). Someone posted a video of the entire event (in either Rio or London - can’t remember which). I’m surprised it isn’t more popular with viewers for the sheer...
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    Deadly high rise fire in Bronx

    At least 2 of the bad NYC fires were caused by charging e bikes. The lithium ion batteries caught fire. One started in a restaurant below the apts where employees were charging 9 e bikes, and another was caused by someone charging 14 e bikes in their apartment ( hopefully not all at once)...
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    Alysa Liu Switches to Colorado Coaching Team

    To the general public in the U.S. figure skating is a woman’s sport. The men, pairs, and dance will never get the same attention as a female singles Olympian. It is amazing that the U.S. has been so competitive in men and dance this past decade given the low participation of men in these...
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    American Song Contest

    It’s on Peacock in Feb. so everyone who signed up for the skating season can watch.
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    Music You Hate in Skating

    Falling and I Will Always Love Yoooou-ooh-ooh. Nothing justifies that level of melodrama
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    Now that Skaters are Hitting the Technical Limit of Jumps, Should Figures Be Phased Back In for the 2030 Olympics?

    No. Figures is a different discipline. The aim of the original figure skating competitions was to draw intricate and beautiful patterns on the ice such as flowers. Everyone going round and round on a patch tracing the exact same figure has no entertainment or aesthetic value. As a training...
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    Actors that have moved past iconic breakthrough roles

    Actors also seem more business-savvy and invest their money in their own productions instead of waiting for a producer to hire them. Ron Howard spent his childhood and young adulthood as a television actor and is now an A-list movie director/producer. Or you have someone like Joe Rogan, who...
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    Actors that have moved past iconic breakthrough roles

    I would say the most successful is Sally Field, who went from Gidget and the Flying Nun to Norma Rae, Steel Magnolias, and Smokey and the Bandit. She has had critical and box office success, plus longevity. Tom Hanks started out in television sitcoms (Bosom Buddies), although they weren’t...
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    According to TSL...(Savchenko gossip)

    Maybe they are trying to stay in shape or practicing for an exhibition? Edit: I posted @ the same time as @starrynight
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    Separated at birth?

    Young Christian Bale always looked like a reincarnation of James Brolin to me...
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