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    Spain Hotel Recommendations

    What a great idea! Spain is an excellent choice to start with your search. I second pretty much all of Acraven's post. I would just add in relation to your response that you won't necessarily need to hire a guide for the Prado. They have an excellent resource that maps out where the most famous...
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    Darlene Parent skating en pointe

    OMG, blast from the past! I learned to skate in the 1970s at Sky Rink, which was then the home of Skating Club of New York, and Darlene was a skating mom by that point. I remember her participating in shows and galas but don't think I ever saw her use these skates. Wow though.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    Plus, holding this competition several time zones away in Krasnoyarsk couldn't have helped.
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    Alena Kostornaia appreciation thread

    Alena was beautiful with about her best triple axels yet and once again could have won Russian Nationals with lesser content were it not for small mistakes on the easier elements. I hope she stays confident and slays at Europeans and Worlds!
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    Anna Shcherbakova deserves her own fan thread too (now 2-time national champ!)

    Wow, Anna was en fuego as Firebird in her free skate... She really is determined to prove that last year's title was no fluke. Way to go!
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    #TeamTrainwreck 20: Large Caliber Weapon

    Does MESS have to be performed by a TTW skater? Because Gracheva had a spectacular effort just now... Will add the link when available if she is eligible.
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    Alena Kostornaia appreciation thread

    I think this is the best, floatiest triple axel I have ever seen, by a male or female... Just breathtaking! That program deserved every decimal of her nearly 90 point total.
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    From Russia with Love [#35]: Winter 2019

    I'm sure she wants to show two beautiful programs performed to the best of her ability, but honestly, she is probably battling with Tuktamysheva for fourth and wouldn't be qualifying for late season competitions regardless.
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    Maia Shibutani Surgery

    Even as an oncologist, I had never heard of SDH deficient renal cell CA until Maia's diagnosis. I just read up and saw that it was only first described in 2004 and accepted as a distinct subtype in 2016. It seems the good news on top of the early stage at which Maia's was detected and removed is...
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    Survivor S39: Island of the Idols

    They've left basically no time for final tribal. I guess everyone's mind is made up? Or Noura rambled so badly that they had to edit out virtually everything? ETA: Is it possible for a jury member to abstain? Honestly, all three finalists are falling pretty flat... Time to switch to Vikings.
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    Russia banned from hosting/competing at major international events for 4 years

    What sentimental nonsense. Do you think the international sporting community, in all sports, should turn a blind eye to flagrant abuses just because an individual fifteen year old might cry? And aren't you the one who is always saying that no one can predict what the future holds as far as...
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    2019-2020 Fall - Spring TV New/Returning Shows

    You were close with the prepositions... It was called The InBetween, and it was indeed on NBC. I didn't really get engaged by it and didn't follow whether it's concluded or will be renewed. Is anyone else watching Evil on CBS? It also features the occult in a quirky way that appeals to my...
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    Nathan Chen #2 - Yalie Extraordinaire

    Off the topic of the thread, but wow, what an impressive family. Her linkedin page shows she completed her PhD in just under four years in the lab of Jennifer Doudna, the mother of CRISPR. Janice's project and use of this technology in the company she co-founded are going to be hugely impactful.
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    #TeamTrainwreck 19: The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Splat

    I second that. He was like a proud parent on the sideline of the soccer field when his child scores the game winner, and the K&C reaction when the scores came up was reminiscent of Tomoki Hiwatashi and his coach at Junior Worlds last year.
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    Alena Kostornaia appreciation thread

    I love that she actually qualified in the highest position without a quad, just slipping by Trusova by decimal points. I admire the talent and drive of all the young (and slightly less young) Russian ladies, but I'm relieved that multiple quads don't guarantee a win over quality like...
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