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Are you going actually? I'll be there. From 22-26 January! Would be nice to meet you there :)
No I'm not. Next planned event will be Worlds 2021 and I'll hope to see you in Stockholm then, Carina
ok, thanks, that's already next year he! Hope to see you then! Take care! Bye Jaap
PSA: I am not an Admin. here. Happy 2020 to All!
:eek: Now you tell us! :fragile:

But seriously, Sylvia, we are all indebted to you for all the statistics, schedules, scoops, and most of all snarks you post here. Happy 2020 to you too!
Given that I loved Calabria back in my clubbing days, I now like Tuktamysheva that much more.
If you are an FSVIDS forum user PLEASE DONATE so we can have our dedicated server one more season and host all those videos, a little contribution can mean everything. Go to Fsvids and help! thanks!
Details for contribution? Am not a member, and probably won't be, but wouldn't mind contributing

BTW: Thanks for all vids and happy new year!
thank you, will let you know asap
Can you put a link in here - not sure where to go to help with this.
Hi angi,

I noticed you liked my earlier post about nominating Popova & Mozgov to Team Trainwreck. Jeschke says we can get them in if 10 posters vote for them within what is now about 1/2 a day. If you would like to see them on the team, please go vote;).

I know he didn't win, but there are probably a few coaches out there that wish they bottled what Yuzuru has so the coach could force feed it to his whole team.
Zagitova got dumped. All the carrots were probably accurate, but she should have gotten them before so it was not so unceremonious.
Tony Wheeler
Tony Wheeler
She had four of them in France. Not completely out of nowhere.
@Tony Wheeler

5 line items or 6 elements is still a shocker for the reigning Olympic and World Champion. I should have also mentioned explicitly that her PCS dropped dramatically when they are typically very stable values.
Hi Lyneyuki, I've 1 all event ticket in Section 116 - Row A - Seat 9. Will sell at Face value of $1,680.75 CDN.
Please PM me. Jeanne
Only Yuzuru has a higher TES Base than Trusova in the 2019-20 Senior Grand Prix.
So far, but this season is just beginning. Maybe there should be a thread for this so we can watch and compare TES all along. See if anyone catches up. Raf said Nathan isn't showing all he has planned just yet.
Trusova deserved to win but she does not have nearly the PCS quality Lipnitskaya had at the same age at Skate Canada 2013.
Liza's knee was inside the circle when she picked the 3F in the SP at Finlandia 2019! No way that was a wrong edge, "technical idiots"!
Hello. I have a question regarding my scoring on the US Classic International that had just ended. My ladies predictions were: Myahara, Shiraiwa, Cui, You. As Shiraiwa did not compete, I thought my next two would move up a place, and that my score would be 19 in ladies, however, it seems to be only 13. Please clarify for me. Thanks very much. I'm not good at these predictions, but I do enjoy it.

You were right, nobody thought of removing her from the participants. oleada just made the change and updated the results. Thanks for letting us know!

Have fun and good luck for the season! :)
great. thanks again!
If somebody finds a streaming for the US Classic please let me know, or if someone can borrow me his/her suscription (just for the event) I could make some videos of this event :)
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