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I will not fall in love with the skating of any young Russian men. I will not, because they will only break my heart when they become seniors.
You could always lobby for increasing the junior eligibility until the skaters are 30. Then they will remain juniors forever and will continue winning...
Have a great year out west at school Alaine. Please come back next season, well only if you want to. But please come back, please.
Hi, over the years, I have had two different screen names: Jelly first, then Lacey. But today I responded in SS in Snarking into Summer to a post by PRLady while on my phone. Now I am home and back to my laptop and I noticed that today's post on the phone came out of the Jelly name, but noticed that, back on my laptop, I am Lacey. What to do?
Wondering if there are any fans of Rachel Held Evans here who are grieving her death? I would love to connect with you.
Rachel was a blessing to me on my faith journey. I am devastated.
The podium is fine, but the 2019 World Ladies LP placement order and scores look cleverly crafted by design.
Yuzuru was just better in the 2019 World SP, and no two revolutions can change that. Nathan's caravan is meh.
The ISU can't stream their world championships to the rest of the world because the main networks (US, Japan) forbid them to do it. End of the game, major tv networks will kill our sport