Your moment of the games?


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Jess Fox winning the C1 two days after the absolute heartbreak of brushing a gate with her chin in the K1. That was the Olympics all wrapped up in one there - the utter heartbreak and the total joy.

I freely confess to crying my eyes out when Simone Biles, hesitantly, still nervous and unsure, but cleanly completed her beam routine.

And again when the high jumpers turned to one another and said, "Can we share it?" That was also the spirit of the Games, right there. They were both the best. Let them share it.

Dubler screaming at and forcing Maloney on in the 1500 of the decathlon. Frying himself to get his mate home.

The weightlifter from Philippines, starting to cry before she even dropped the bar.

So many great moments.


Men’s high jump for sure, “Can we share the gold?” Just yhe

Sweden winning the equestrian team show jumping, after a crazy high level jump off. Kudos to both Sweden and USA for bringing their absolute best🏆🐴

Warholm gold and WR!
Ingebrigtsen gold!

Norwegian silver in men’s hammer throw. Our guy broke his own national record four times during the competition!

Tom Daley’s gold and bronze, omg I’m so happy for him😍

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Coming up to the finish line of the men's marathon, the runner in second place, Abdi Nageeye, kept slowing down and turning around to encourage his friend in fourth, Bashir Abdi, to 'come on, come on.' He got silver and his buddy got bronze.


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Coming up to the finish line of the men's marathon, the runner in second place, Abdi Nageeye, kept slowing down and turning around to encourage his friend in fourth, Bashir Abdi, to 'come on, come on.' He got silver and his buddy got bronze.

This moment and also the women’s marathon with Molly Seidel’s unlikely quest. And following Luka and the Slovenian basketball team.


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Tom Daley’s medals
The double gold for high jump :swoon:
The skateboarding girls all being such good friends and supporting each other (and Sky Brown getting a medal)
Dalaloyan doing so well after his injury (team gold and AA 6th)
Daiki Hashimoto winning 2 golds
All the FSU threads :cheer:


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I've barely watched any Olys, so all my highlights are probably THE highlights, but:

Women's road race
Men's high jump shared gold
Ahmed Hafnoui swimming gold
Hailey Hernandez - 18 year old US diver who went to Oly trials just for the experience and ended up with a top-10 finish
Rebecca Andrade
Quan Hongchan!!

Watching a lot (but way less than usual) of swimming, diving and athletics, which I only do during Olys.

Downside: I love watching beach volleyball in the Olys and could never get more than frustrating highlights of any match.


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There were so many great moments but I would say my favorites were….

*Russia winning MAG and WAG team gold
*Simone’s comeback and bronze on beam
*Tom Daley finally getting Olympic Gold
*Caeleb Dressel was just so dominant. His performance in that final relay was magical
*Artur Dalaloyan’s comeback from injury and hitting all of his routines
*Gelya’s performance throughout the games, I saw someone say she collected medals like infinity stones and that’s the best way to put it lol
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My favorite moments:
1. The Tunisia swimmer winning the gold out of nowhere
2. Sydney and Dalilah going 1-2 in the 400m hurdles
3. The Chinese female platform gold medal diver. She's amazing
4. Jade and Myk winning individual medals in the otherwise totally lame +1 format
5. The MAG team competition where it actually came down to the last rotation's last routine
6. The USA basketball team getting scared straight after the opening game loss to France
7. The dancing sports emojis in the opening ceremony
8. Simone getting her mojo back in the balance beam event final

And this is corny but I loved all the families cheering on zoom. Really made me emotional that families everywhere are the same.


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Tunisia swimmer winning gold from Lane 8. Lane 8!
Jade getting gold on floor after a fluke mistake on vault.
Suni winning AA. I had no idea the scores were that close while I was watching! And she gets the box set of medals!
Simone fighting thru all her issues and getting that bronze.
The Chinese women divers. Amazing.
Tom Daley getting gold and bronze. While knitting. :rofl:

And Walter. He's a cat. :cat:


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My monent: Climber Jakob Schubert of Austria winning bronze (with a fantastic win in lead climbing) in the olympic debut of my favourite sport (that I myself practice) - though the format was pretty unfair. So it made me a bit sad as well that speed was not separate which meant that true legends like Alex Megos missed out on the final.

And of course: gold for Tom Daley after all these years.


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Myles Amine's victory in the Bronze Medal round of the Men's Freestyle Wresting 86-kg. class gave San Marino its third medal of the Games. That's about one medal for every 11,200 people.

Had China been as successful, it would have earned about 126,000 medals instead of the piddling 88 it did. ;)

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Three moments made me teary... Caeleb Dressel tearing up seeing his family after his 100m freestyle win, Simone completing the beam (didn't matter if she won a medal that was just icing on the cake) and Karch Kiraly's happiness for the US women getting volleyball gold.

The awe-inspiring moments: both 400m Hurdle races were just epic and lived up to the hype! So many great swimming races: the Tunisian winning, Jacoby winning, Caeleb and the Australian women's dominance, etc. etc. Allyson Felix's two more medals, Sifan and Elaine's multiple golds (along with Athing and Sydney), the 14 yr old diver with all the 10s! and Suni's AA gold is definitely one of my faves.

So many feel good stories - the shared high jump gold, the emergence of Italy and Norway in track as well as the Polish relay teams! Japan's many golds (I especially loved their skateboarders) and the first for so many countries - The Philippines winning the weightlifting gold, San Marino winning medals, Camacho for Puerto Rico, Bahamas winning both 400ms, the Egyptian woman winning in karate.

I'm going to miss the Olympics but only six months until Beijing which I probably won't enjoy as much because I will as usual be way too nervous for my favorite skaters!! Eek!


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Medal ceremony for women's basketball.

The USA women won the gold as expected, but I didn't know that Japan had such a strong women's basketball team. They won the silver medal. While accepting the medals both western women (USA and France) hugged each other. The Japanese women did not. Cultural differences, but it was evident that they loved their teammates just as much as their western counterparts did.
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Congratulations to all the countries who won medals for the first time, or in events for the first time. It seems like there were more countries than usual who made it on the medal table.

While I'm kinda :confused: by some of the new sports included and don't that all of them will (or should) last, it's high time the IOC modernized. While skateboarding is I learned not my thing, I approve of the inclusion of more sports that don't require big $$$ to get started in, are relatable, and kids from 4-92, from the Bronx to Sao Paolo can understand.

Japan winning gold in baseball! I know Japan loves its baseball, and I love for the home country to win in a sport held dear to that country. Sending good thoughts already for France and handball!

And finally, who runs the world? GIRLS. Female athletes were THE story of these games.


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Laurence Vincent Lapointe winning silver in the C-1 200 Canoe Sprint then winning bronze with Katie Vincent in the C-2 500. The Canadian swimmers, Canadian ladies winning gold in soccer.


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So many great moments;

Russian MAG and WAG team victories
Oksana Chousovitina’s emotional farewell
Both 400 hurdles world records. Two fantastic races.
Both high jump finals. Brilliant to see Barshim and Tamberi share gold. Lasitskene’s outstanding victory, when the pressure came on she delivered.
Both 100m’s. Two exciting races. A dominant victory for Thompson, a surprising victory for Jacobs.
The Italian men in the 4*100. Fantastic final leg by Tortu. Wonderful singing on the podium
Rojas WR in the triple jump
Kipchoge in the marathon
Medals for San Marino
Both cycling road races. Well done Austria and Ecuador.
Boxer Kellie Harrington winning for Ireland. Very emotional to see her win, her reaction afterwards, the generosity of her opponents, her wonderful interviews. I really hope she does well from this.

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