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What if I put @user in my signature

Discussion in 'Board Business' started by MacMadame, Dec 6, 2017 at 12:02 AM.

  1. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    If I put @MacMadame (or anyone on FSU) in my signature, will the person get an Alert every time I post a message on the forum?
  2. Prancer

    Prancer Strong and stable Staff Member


    But really, even though we haven't made an issue of sig lines in quite a while, you aren't supposed to have links in your sig or symbols except for one of our graemlins. No colors, no weird fonts, nothing that moves, essentially nothing that makes your sig stand out in every. single. post you make.

    And while we are on the subject, sig lines are supposed to be TWO lines (this includes spaces) long and no more. If your sig line is longer than your posts, you are doing something wrong.
  3. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    The last time I put a link in my sig, it didn't actually become a clickable link. So it didn't actually stand out. Then again, probably no one used it because of that.
  4. Server Guy

    Server Guy Administrator Staff Member

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