What are your plans for “after?”


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Today, I got the first dose of the Moderna vaccine so naturally my thoughts are turning to what activities I can resume when immunity kicks in two weeks after the second shot. First, I want to get a haircut and see my friends for coffee or lunch. When immunity is more widespread, I want to go to a movie, a bar, and a restaurant, all in the same day. I want to visit my sisters and return to the gym. But most of all, I feel so lucky to have gotten a vaccination relatively early that I am going to do something worthwhile in my community, probably volunteer at the food pantry. I would love to hear what other people are thinking.


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I plan to go camping, do some triathlons, and to meet a lot of the people I now know primarily from Zoom in person more often. Also, I am looking forward to official group workouts like our weekly Track workout and group bike rides on the weekend.

I am already doing a lot of community activism online and via zoom and I'm happy for that to continue that way as it's much more convenient to attend School Board meetings that go to 3 am from my home than in person, regardless of YKW.

I think at some point I will also go out to eat and to a movie but I'm less anxious to do those things as I am to actually travel a bit and workout in groups.


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Myself and three friends have celebrated all of our birthdays for many a year, but did not do so for any of them last year (the first being in late April, when the excrement started to get in to the air conditioner.

I hope to resume those celebrations this year, though we may need to miss the two birthdays in April and May - mine is in October (the other December).

And to be able to have coffee with friends at a coffee shop, when hours return to normal.

To not have to wear a mask in public anymore.

We don't have any trips planned - I am looking at two surgeries this year/next year, which will keep me close home. But we do look forward to a visit from my SIL, who lives in Reno Nevada. And maybe making a visit to her, as well.

I'd also hoped to get a new puppy this year - Bandit is now almost 8, getting old for a Golden - but in light of my hip surgery, I need to very clear about the recovery timeline with regard to my being able to meet the needs of a pup. And may need to consider an older dog this time round.


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Stay over at my friend’s for a weekend. Will be happy just to hang out in person again and not have FaceTime disconnecting all the time.

Lots of walking around the city, also overdue clothes shopping. That’s good enough for now but hopefully can travel somewhere in 2022.


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Going back to work.
Calling up my friend to see if/when she would like to resume our regular walks. (We could maybe do this now, but it would be awkward).
Walking through the grocery store with a more ordinary heart rate.
Go see my sister's new home & visit my nephew kitties. (Will probably wait until my parents are also vaccinated).
Go to the beach.


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See my parents again.

Go to a café and eat a cake with my son

Have my two best friends visit again (they both live in other cities and normally we and all our kids meet up about every three months at our house for 2-3 days)

Not work in complicated shifts anymore and to be able to see and hug all my employees who did a wonderful job in the last few months


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Have a big family dinner with kids and grandkids kids and hug them.

Have dinner in a restaurant with our friends

Go to Lo Solo Mio (one of our favorite restaurants) for dinner

Go to Target and just wander for 2 hours, actually touch things I might want to buy



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See my sister again. We see each other twice a year on average and our last get together was in about June of 2019. We were scheduled for Feb 2020 but that got postponed and then the crud happened. So it will be about two years by the time I see her, assuming I can get a vaccination this spring.

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