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Videos to watch again?

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Nikki Lee

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There is a lid on everything. . .I'd love to watch some skates again. Does anyone know if any videos will be posted after the Olympics are over?

I've never encountered such a freeze before.

Can anyone give an explanation?

Thank you.


Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.
The broadcasters who have paid big bucks for exclusive streaming rights will hold onto them until the games are over. You will be able to find some videos linked within the PBP threads, but those might be taken down at a moment's notice. In the US, NBC owns it until they don't. Replays are available at nbcolympics.com. See the Viewing Options - TV and Streaming thread as well as the TV ALERTS sub-forum.
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Nikki Lee

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Thank you. I have ad blockers, so can't get nbcolympics.com on my computer. However, I can use my husband's.


Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.
Thank you. I have ad blockers, so can't get nbcolympics.com on my computer. However, I can use my husband's.
You don't have to turn them off. You can whitelist just nbcolympics.com. Right click on the ad blocker icon and find the Options, then the Whitelist


Holy Quad Camoly
I just watched the medal ceremonies through the NBC Sports App. I found it in the Replays category if anyone is interested. Select "Replays All". Then scroll down to Medal Ceremonies: Day 3. Start at around 48:14 if you don't wish to watch all the medal ceremonies.

It was so wonderful to see all 3 teams so happy. It got to me when Team Canada received their medals. They showed the other Canadians in the audience, and they had tears in their eyes. I did, too, actually. I'm just proud of all of them, Canada, OAR, and USA.

I truly hope that the ISU keeps the Team Event for many more Olympics to come. Winning those medals and working together as a team is something really special. (y) :respec:


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"NBCOlympics.com also has all the full replays of the events. You don't need to log in with a cable provider, either."

I can't seem to find Yu/Zhang's program there. Link, anyone? Pretty please?


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"NBCOlympics.com also has all the full replays of the events. You don't need to log in with a cable provider, either."

I can't seem to find Yu/Zhang's program there. Link, anyone? Pretty please?
Nice! Somehow the only program I happened to sleep through was Rippon's short program! That's a must see!


Club competition season is underway...
Thanks so much, @Braulio, for posting your video links in the PBP threads... I've compiled them all in skate order into this post. (Please do not post links outside this section unless Braulio is okay with it.)

Pairs SP:
15 James/Cipres: https://streamable.com/wocvk
16 Della Monica/Guarise: https://streamable.com/zti2k
17 Sui/Han: https://streamable.com/4pj9j
18 Marchei/Hotarek: https://streamable.com/d6xt0
19 Duhamel/Radford: https://streamable.com/1g3fr
20 Zabiiako/Enbert: https://streamable.com/2cy9a
21 Savchenko/Massot: https://streamable.com/2muz5
22 Tarasova/Morozov: https://streamable.com/vn0bw

Pairs FS:
9 Marchei/Hotarek: https://streamable.com/da12h
10 Zabiiako/Enbert: https://streamable.com/akvo1
11 James/Cipres: https://streamable.com/mor1e
12 Yu/Zhang: https://streamable.com/twgi5
13 Savchenko/Massot: https://streamable.com/36szy
14 Duhamel/Radford: https://streamable.com/krr9y
15 Sui/Han CHN https://streamable.com/je2r8
16 Tarasova/Morozov: https://streamable.com/9paai

Venue ceremony: https://streamable.com/mtla6


Men's SP:
19 Adam Rippon https://streamable.com/ycid7
20 Dmitri Aliev https://streamable.com/kf062
21 Patrick Chan https://streamable.com/e7bol
22 Keiji Tanaka https://streamable.com/4uswh
23 Alexei Bychenko https://streamable.com/18nxg
24 Deniss Vasiljevs https://streamable.com/aam6v
25 Yuzuru Hanyu https://streamable.com/k4teb
26 Nathan Chen https://streamable.com/0u7ss
27 Mikhail Kolyada https://streamable.com/8pw00
28 Shoma Uno https://streamable.com/43yyp
29 Javier Fernandez https://streamable.com/ptdd2
30 Boyang Jin https://streamable.com/wbnsy

Men's FS:
9 Nathan Chen: https://streamable.com/p1ans
15 Vincent Zhou: https://streamable.com/vob4j
18 Adam Rippon: https://streamable.com/ch632
19 Dmitri Aliev: https://streamable.com/pktdo
20 Boyang Jin: https://streamable.com/s8ivi
21 Patrick Chan https://streamable.com/rvf1r
22 Yuzuru Hanyu: https://streamable.com/fgr11
23 Javier Fernandez: https://streamable.com/2878e
24 Shoma Uno: https://streamable.com/t4pod

Venue Ceremony: https://streamable.com/8aihl


Short Dance:
1 Mansourova/Ceska
2 Nazarova/Nikitin: https://streamable.com/r2amg
3 Lorenz/Polizoakis: https://streamable.com/tt71j
5 Zagorski/Guerreiro: https://streamable.com/5ca22
6 Lauriault/Le Gac: https://streamable.com/u5ttc
7 Hurtado/Khaliavin: https://streamable.com/grq7k
8 Agafonova/Ucar: https://streamable.com/1hsi8
9 Coomes/Buckland: https://streamable.com/smysm

10 Wang/Liu
11 Mysliveckova/Csolley: https://streamable.com/hwd20
12 Min/Gamelin: https://streamable.com/u4963
13 Kaliszek/Spodyriev: https://streamable.com/kk4az
14 Muramoto/Reed: https://streamable.com/fec9c

15 Guignard/Fabbri: https://streamable.com/3vrvg
16 Gilles/Poirier: https://streamable.com/3uxxk
17 Shibutanis: https://streamable.com/ml0sv
18 Weaver/Poje: https://streamable.com/ntjgu
19 Chock/Bates: https://streamable.com/n1cs8

20 Virtue/Moir: https://streamable.com/2eiff
21 Papadakis/Cizeron: https://streamable.com/04p4u (UNCENSORED)
22 Hubbell/Donohue: https://streamable.com/hpcan
23 Bobrova/Soloviev: https://streamable.com/rtfot
24 Cappellini/Lanotte: https://streamable.com/4hzz1

Free Dance (RAI TV & CBC):
Lauriault/Le Gac https://streamable.com/lz7uo
Mysliveckova/Ucar https://streamable.com/6v9h4
Lorenz/Polizoakis https://streamable.com/zc57f
Min/Gamelin https://streamable.com/8l8y6
Agafonova/Ucar https://streamable.com/qh5f2

Muramoto/Reed https://streamable.com/205rf
Hurtado/Khaliavin https://streamable.com/5pb58
Zagorski/Guerreiro https://streamable.com/2g6ui
Kaliszek/Spodyrev https://streamable.com/2g6ui
Guignard/Fabbri https://streamable.com/fvaaq

Gilles/Poirier https://streamable.com/ubsuk
Coomes/Buckland https://streamable.com/9ptjr
Weaver/Poje https://streamable.com/z94t4
Chock/Bates https://streamable.com/61byp
Bobrova/Soloviev https://streamable.com/8bioy

Cappellini/Lanotte: https://streamable.com/jzihf
Shibutanis: https://streamable.com/rjytq
Papadakis/Cizeron https://streamable.com/vwr99
Hubbell/Donohue: https://streamable.com/1z1l5
Virtue/Moir https://streamable.com/cw6m4


Club competition season is underway...
Thanks again @Braulio! (links are copied over from here: https://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/th...woman-hear-me-oar.103442/page-60#post-5308184 ).

Ladies SP videos (Raisport unless otherwise noted):

Bradie Tennell https://streamable.com/zh971
Isadora Williams https://streamable.com/519y2
Alexia Paganini https://streamable.com/6lylk (CBC)

Kailani Craine https://streamable.com/v8svx (CBC)
Ivett Toth https://streamable.com/etjnh (CBC)
Giada Russo https://streamable.com/68c18
Loena Hendrickx https://streamable.com/fp69k (CBC)
Nicole Schott https://streamable.com/n027f (CBC)
Nicole Rajicova https://streamable.com/z79nd (CBC)

Kaori Sakamoto https://streamable.com/ax2vc (CBC)
Mirai Nagasu https://streamable.com/a0d5f
Gabrielle Daleman https://streamable.com/jjtgb
Karen Chen https://streamable.com/kiowk
Elizabet Tursynbaeva https://streamable.com/vmd96
Dabin Choi https://streamable.com/iryw8

Evgenia Medvedeva https://streamable.com/c67c9
Satoko Miyahara https://streamable.com/wxiuo
Kaetlyn Osmond https://streamable.com/frzk0
Alina Zagitova https://streamable.com/hs9ev
Carolina Kostner https://streamable.com/bcvmd
Maria Sotskova https://streamable.com/6etvz


Club competition season is underway...
@Braulio's RaiSport (Italian) groups 2-4 video links (THANK YOU!), in skate order, copied from from the Ladies FS pbp thread -- go "like" the post here: https://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/th...l-all-be-zagitova.103464/page-71#post-5312580

Elizabet Tursynbaeva https://streamable.com/euaz9
Emi Peltonen https://streamable.com/84acy
Kailani Craine https://streamable.com/j62sf
Nicole Schott https://streamable.com/a4kpa
Nicole Rajicova https://streamable.com/60qfy
Isadora Williams https://streamable.com/hc4ac

Maria Sotskova https://streamable.com/6iifz
Karen Chen https://streamable.com/hqrin
Bradie Tennell https://streamable.com/2wf7x
Gabrielle Daleman https://streamable.com/1z2o9
Dabin Choi https://streamable.com/oxdx7
Mirai Nagasu https://streamable.com/zejkg

Satoko Miyahara https://streamable.com/nranb
Carolina Kostner https://streamable.com/jukm3
Kaori Sakamoto https://streamable.com/e2fcp
Alina Zagitova https://streamable.com/ht25y
Kaetlyn Osmond https://streamable.com/dx5zg
Evgenia Medvedeva https://streamable.com/2lnds


Club competition season is underway...
@Braulio's video links are added below in skate order (like Braulio's original post here: https://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/th...skater-got-snubbed.103492/page-8#post-5315465 )

1 Opening Performance & Skaters Introduction The Voice of Pyeongchang
2 MIN Yura / GAMELIN Alexander KOR Lollipop by Big Bang & 2NE1 https://streamable.com/pl5u4
3 CHA Junhwan KOR Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis https://streamable.com/jko3v
4 BOBROVA Ekaterina / SOLOVIEV Dmitri OAR Vdvoem by Nargiz feat. Maksim Fadeyev https://streamable.com/mnvua
5 UNO Shoma JPN See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) by Wiz Khalifa https://streamable.com/nzr9d
6 SHIBUTANI Maia / SHIBUTANI Alex USA That's Life (feat. JAY Z) by Frank Sinatra https://streamable.com/y127n
7 CHOI Dabin KOR Jeongseon Arirang Rhapsody https://streamable.com/7zgzz
8 RYOM Tae Ok / KIM Ju Sik PRK Bangabsumnida (Nice to Meet You) https://streamable.com/sje0p
9 CAPPELLINI Anna / LANOTTE Luca ITA The Kid, Modern Times, City Lights (Charlie Chaplin medley) https://streamable.com/ymw2w
10 TARASOVA Evgenia / MOROZOV Vladimir OAR How Long by Lionel Richie https://streamable.com/f8imr
11 OSMOND Kaetlyn CAN Hallelujah performed by Tori Kelly https://streamable.com/oktdq
12 SUI Wenjing / HAN Cong CHN Run performed by Leona Lewis https://streamable.com/gos45
13 FERNANDEZ Javier ESP Aerobics Class https://streamable.com/dhqqg


14 Opening Performance 2nd half When you believe by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston
15 KIM Kyueun / KAM Alex Kang Chan KOR I am The Best by 2NE1, Red Flavor by Red Velvet https://streamable.com/ner5p
WD HUBBELL Madison / DONOHUE Zachary USA The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice
17 MIYAHARA Satoko JPN En Aranjuez Con Mi Amor by J. Rodrigo performed by Nana Mouskouri https://streamable.com/lffwq
18 DUHAMEL Meagan / RADFORD Eric CAN Piano Man by Billy Joel https://streamable.com/zc54g
19 JIN Boyang CHN Spider-Man Thema (Jankie XL Remix) performed by Michael Buble https://streamable.com/suxpp
20 PAPADAKIS Gabriella / CIZERON Guillaume FRA Pray You Catch Me by Beyonce https://streamable.com/q3f0e
21 MEDVEDEVA Evgenia OAR Kukushka performed by Polina Gagarina https://streamable.com/6o6y5
22 MARCHEI Valentina / HOTAREK Ondrej ITA Barbie Girl by Aqua https://streamable.com/00iyg
23 GE Misha UZB MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) by BTS feat. Desiigner https://streamable.com/ik4a3
24 VIRTUE Tessa / MOIR Scott CAN Long Time Running by The Tragically Hip https://streamable.com/nh6tc
25 ZAGITOVA Alina OAR Afro Blue by Jazzmeia Horn https://streamable.com/jjloz
WD SAVCHENKO Aljona / MASSOT Bruno GER Carry You (Acoustic Version) by Nick Howard
27 HANYU Yuzuru JPN Notte Stellata (The Swan) by Il Volo https://streamable.com/zrfrd
28 Thank you from the skaters
29 Finale This is Me (from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack) by Keala Settle https://streamable.com/0nrd9

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