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Elena Vayteskhovskaya's interview with Evgenia Tarasova/Vladimir Morozov for

EV: It's considered the Olympic champions know about the sport things no one else does, hence they win. You have been working with Maksim Trankov for a couple of months now. Have you learned anything new?
Morozov: There were a lot of new interesting things. Not only in methods- after all Maksim and us spent a lot of time together in Nina Mozer school, but mental stuff. It helps us a lot.

EV: Can you give an example?
Tarasova: Maksim separates us quite often and tells me, for example `Zhenya, go skate alone for a while' and talks to Vladimir. Sometimes he does the opposite and explains stuff to me. Besides learning new things from him all the time we love the approach: we feel the coach tries to be in the best contact with each of us.
Morozov: such a support is especially important when you are tired and something doesn't work. Of course it upsets, you get nervous and Maksim manages to wipe out the negative emotions and make us think such lows are a normal thing. And we should not dwell in them.

EV: AT the time you were practicing with Maksim and his partner Tatiana Volosozhar on the same ice. How different is Trankov the skater from Trankov the coach?
Morozov: I think it's harder for Maksim now. When you do something on the ice you think faster, than a person who you are trying to explain things to.

EV: I didn't mean quite that. I heard many times when something didn't work for Trankov in the practice the hell broke lose. You, on the other hand, are telling me how he calms you down.
Tarasova: Guess we are luckier - we have Maksim. Perhaps when he was skating he didn't have such a person beside him.

EV: How long did it take to get used to each other?
Morozov: Am not a kid, hence it was easy to explain what is more convenient for us in the practice and what is less, what we are used to and what we would like to do. Hence there was no `getting used to each other' as such, we found a common language. We trust Maksim totally, and, think, that's the most important part.

EV: Did you mind Trankov has no coaching experience?
Tarasova: Most importantly he has an understanding of figure skating and a unique personal experience. Maksim had a very long journey in sports, he worked with many exceptional coaches and took something from each.

EV: How have you decided to switch the coach?
Tarasova: The first thoughts came after Nina Mikhailovna said she is taking a break. We started thinking what should we do, because we realized how hard it would be without Mozer.

EV: Zabijako/Ebert faced a similar situation and decided to stay with their previous coach Zhovnirski. Why haven't you stayed with Andrey Hekalo?
Morozov: First and most of all we wanted to develop, to become better. We hit the ceiling in the previous group. We understood we probably won't progress staying within the same boundaries.

EV: How effective was the summer work.
Morozov: Most importantly we are on the right path.

EV: Excuse me, that's a general talk. What is the right path for you and Evgenia?
Morozov: The work was different. The technical elements are the same. As before we keep working on them, but we try to find different characters and different emotions.

EV: I.e. the charisma, that you were constantly blamed lacking?
Morozov: You could put it that way. We started paying a lot of attention to the details. Even the way we hold hands.

EV: Trankov is a skating coach. Have you thought the work would be even more effective is Tatiana Volosozhar was working with you as well?
Tarasova: Actually it's an advantage for me Maksim is coaching us. Because he is the male partner. Some lifts I first did with him and then was able to hint Vladimir. If I felt uncomfortable in one of the lift I immediately told Maksim and he fixed it.

EV: Is it scary to be so high up in the foreign hands?
Tarasova: Quite the opposite: I understood at once Maksim will never drop me. I felt an awkward little girl who is easily spinned in the air and I didn't even have to do a thing myself.

EV: Have you tried the split twists and throws with the coach?
Tarasova: No. We tried a single throw jump once, it was enough to understand I am more comfortable doing those elements with my partner.

EV: How long have you spent in Sochi?
Tarasova: Almost 2 months. We left in July 10th.

EV: Was it tiring having to follow your coach's schedule?
Tarsova: No, it was really harder for Maksim. He had to adjust to us. When the second practice was over he didn't have time to drop home and had to go straight to the show.

EV: Were you offered to participate the show in some way?
Morozov: No, and we wouldn't agree. Two practices a day are a lot, there is no spot for a third.

EV: What was helping you to break the routine?
Tarasova: We went climbing. The Agur waterfalls, the Eagle rocks. When our gym coach Vitali Moskalenko came to Sochi we were doing hikes with him instead of gym. We even went swimming in the sea a couple of times.

EV: Yes, I can see by the colour of your skin it was just a couple of times.
Morozov: I've only been once to the sea the past month. My friends are laughing at me. They also note I didn't really catch any sun in 2 months.

EV: Are you going back to Sochi after the test skates?
Tarasova: Yes, we will be there till Sept. 24th. Then we are returning to Moscow.

EV: What do you like the most about your new programmes?
Morozov: How unusual they are. The choreography was done with a help of Evgeni Prisiazhny who works in Averbukh's shows. We found him back in Moscow and payed ourselves for every practice with him. Thanks to him we had a lot of new dance moves. We'll see how the specialists will take it.
Tarasova: The programmes were choreographed by Tchernyshev. It's always interesting working with him, even though not really easy. He always integrates some very complicated steps.

EV: I heard Tchernyshev loves putting the steps in the uncomfortable for the skater direction.
Morozov: That we are used to. But Tchernyshev's programmes always make sense. There is no nonsense in them. It's especially clear when the programme is polished.

EV: How polished your programmes now?
Tarasova: Enough to show them in public.

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