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Elena Vaytsekhovskaya's interview with Tamara Moskvina for
`I cant' even celebrate properly - all the bars in our hotel are closed' joked Moskvina when congratulated on her pupils winning the gold medal. On Friday morning she'll be catching a flight back to St. Petersburg from Stockholm.

EV: What was the hardest thing this championship for you?
TM: Frankly? Nothing. I got used to everything after so many years in this job. Including that the practices seem one thing and the competition turns out to be a complete different affair. It does not always happen, but sometimes it does.

EV: Judging by what Boikova/Kozlovskii and Mishina/Galliamov were doing in the practices you expected this outcome?
TM: No. Up till the LP Boikova/Kozlovskii had both in the run throughs and the practices a huge gap.

EV: It seemed Mishina/Galliamov would be thrilled with any medal in Stockholm. But unexpectingly they became first. Was it too soon?
TM: Well, I couldn't really tell them `guys, don't think about the gold, it's too soon, let us grab some other medal'. It happened that they won. Boikova/Kozlovskii made mistakes and the judges are strict about such things.

EV: Are the ex juniors ready for the pressure of being the World champions?
TM: It's hard to say. We are still full of emotions.

EV: Is it hard for you as a coach having the leaders swap in the group?
TM: The thing is that there was never a division within the group. There were two teams of the equal class and abilities. Just that one team already had some titles and one not yet. That's it. Arthur Minchuk and I were preparing both teams to show their best here. We have no idea how will Mishina/Galiamov behave now that they are the World champions.

EV: I.e. you don't write out it might go to their heads?
TM: Why would I think of it in advance? And why would I consider the worst? If it happens - we'll deal. Now there is no point discussing it. Arthur and I didn't even have a chance to really talk to the guys after the victory - they were taken to the doping.

EV: When you were creating the programme to `We are the champions' for Mishina/Galliamov I was, frankly, thinking it was quite cheeky. Now I don't even know what to say. You could predict things and knew it in advance?
TM: Well of course not. More than that just like you I not only thought it was cheeky, but shameless, which is very out of character for me. And then I thought `Tamara, you are 80 y.o! You can afford once in your life time to be shameless!'. So I took Queen's music, but without the vocals. And then felt that it does not make the impression I was aiming for - it was lacking the uplifting spirit, the colours. Hence I decided to go all the way and returned the vocals.
I can't tell I was comfortable with it. I was expecting being scorned, that its' wrong taking such a piece for the firs time world participants who never won a thing in their lives. But in the end I decided it shouldn't worry me. If we decided not to be shy we should go all the way.

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