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Staying at home
Most of these resources are links to do things VIRTUALLY. Tours, Ebooks, Streaming show, etc.

Opera Daily Online Streams
Hermitage Virtual Tour
12 Famous US Museums
Natural History - Smithsonian
8 Museum Tours
More virtual museum tours
Virtual Visits and Cultural programs
Berlin Philharmonic
Vienna Opera House
30 National Park Tours
DC Cherry Blossoms
Animal Cams
Bald Eagle Cams
300,000 ebooks from NYPL
IMDBs Curated What to Stream List
Environment Online Film Festival
15 Broadway musicals - watch online
Netflix Party
Center for Puppetry
NFL Free Pass
Sports commentator commenting on real-life (comedy)

If you have issues with any of these links, try the complete list here.
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Staying at home
Virtual tours of Winchester Mystery House (this place is a hoot):



Staying at home
A lot of the streaming services and premium cable networks are offering free trials or opening up parts of their library to the public. Since these offers come and go, I haven't been putting links here.

However, this is a list of Nine different streaming services that are opening up offerings right now and I figure at least some of them will continue to do so even if this thing drags out:



Staying at home
Moving all the stuff for "kids to do" in here so the other thread can go away.

6000 Childrens Books All Online
Children's Authors reading their books online
Celebrities Read Books Online
Kids Stories from Audible
Recommendations from Librarians
Times for Kids - Free
Doodling at home with Mo Willems
Free PE Classes
100 indoor activities
100 Activities to do at home:
Cooking for Bored Kids
Famliy Handprint Project
Make Cards for Hospitalized Kids
Disney Goodnight calls
Get postcard from Disney characters

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