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I got my second Moderna booster yesterday. No issues except for a modestly sore arm and a little trouble sleeping last night. Not bad at all. I'm going to Stars on Ice on the 26th, visiting a college student at her university on the 27-28th, visiting my stepson in mid-June and going to our family reunion in Myrtle Beach in July. Lots of things coming up that I don't want to miss (well, except for maybe the reunion).


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So, I spoke too soon. I seem to be having a reaction today to my booster shot from yesterday: I was exhausted when I woke up, muscle aches, and then in the afternoon I had chills that have since changed to a 101.3 fever.

I did take a test this morning and it was negative. I’ll take another one tomorrow, but I do think it’s a reaction. Similar symptoms but it took longer for them to appear, presumably because of the lower dose.

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No monkeypox thread on FSU?

Here’s an overview, published today (24 May):

Apparently it’s not as contagious or, if caught, as life threatening as COVID. Caught mainly through prolonged contact with bodily fluids and such. So far, the current strain affects a “disproportionate number of men who have sex with men.”

More on this -
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