The Bob Costas vs. NBC (and NFL) Drama Thread


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ESPN article
ESPN “Outside The Lines” segment on what allegedly happened between Costas and NBC (*cough* and the NFL *cough*).


I didn’t realize that Costas had covered the NFL on NBC since 1986. I knew he had the anchor desk for the Olympics from 1992(?) to 2016.

If Costas is telling the truth here, I guess NBC just wanted their sports journalists to be a promo for the NFL and not do any actual sports journalism.

I also wonder if NBC was getting anxious with Costas saying anything during his Olympics coverage. Who knows what he would have wanted to say next year about USA Gymnastics or SafeSport (if things aren’t cleaned up) during the 2020 Olympics, for example. But maybe Costas wanted to hand it over to Mike Tirico.
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